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Webmaster Services For Small Business
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Say goodbye to website headaches with our Webmaster services

Catanich Internet Marketing is a leading web design firm serving Dallas and surrounding areas. We provide a full range of Webmaster Services including tech support, site updates, regular back-ups, hack clean-ups, website maintenance, domain registration, and content updates. We are WordPress experts and can provide ongoing support.

We learn your website inside and out, and do as little or as much work as you need. We know the digital industry inside & out. You assign your tasks to our webmaster and we do the work for you. So leave the heavy lifting to our webmaster.

What our webmaster services do

It's more than great support. We pair you one-on-one with our webmaster who's on standby to help you with anything you need.

We'll Build Your Site

If you need a new site installed, built, or an existing site cleaned up, we'll take care of it for you.

We'll Handle The Edits

Stop trying to be your own webmaster. We'll take care of everything.

We'll Keep The Bugs Out

Nothing's worse than finding errors on your site. We'll keep your site running smoothly.

We'll Keep You Safe

Real-time security monitoring makes sure you never fall victim to a hacker.

We'll Keep You Up Date

We monitor and update your domain, hosting and email.

Webmaster Role

A Webmaster is in charge of maintaining Web sites for companies and individuals on the World Wide Web. These services requires a wide range of skills and abilities, since many webmasters must do much more than simply write computer codes or update links to other Web sites. The webmaster is ultimately responsible for ensuring that a Web site is easy to navigate and that it addresses the needs of the client and its customers.

Although a webmaster sometimes assumes the role of a web designer, the main job of a webmaster is to monitor, improve, and update the performance of existing Web sites. The webmaster must know about the client's business and the industry to which it belongs. If the goal is to sell products or services to customers, the webmaster must learn about the client's marketing policies and sales objectives.

A webmaster works with many different people in an organization, since he or she is often the only one with the technical expertise to answer questions about or troubleshoot problems with the Web site. The ability to work and communicate well with others is therefore an important skill for any webmaster to possess.

The webmaster must perform a variety of technical tasks to make sure that a Web site works properly and can be accessed quickly by as many people as possible. These tasks include making sure the server (a computer in a network that provides services to other computers in the network) and browsers (the different programs used to access the Web site) can properly handle e-mail, transmit news, and download files. Customers using a variety of browsers or operating systems such as Windows or Macintosh should be able to access the site equally well. These duties require the webmaster to keep up with changing technical standards in areas such as HTML (hypertext markup language), HTTP (hyper-text transfer protocol), and XML (extensible markup language) that affect the workings of the Web site.

Once a Web site is created, it is the job of the web-master to maintain the site so that it remains a valuable resource for the client and the client's customers. Maintenance is a more routine task than site design and creation, but it occupies the majority of most webmasters' time and effort. They must update information contained on the Web site or in databases linked to the site and check the links on the site regularly to make sure that they are still working and that the information they provide is still current. The webmaster may spend a great deal of time surfing the Web to become acquainted with new developments and ideas and to discover new pages to link to the client's Web site. The site itself must be checked for bugs or other problems such as images that do not load properly.

Our Reliable Website Maintenance Service & Hosting Packages includes:

  • Content updates, editing or removal including adding new products and/or services, updating content
  • Fixing of website 404 errors and broken links
  • Optimizing website page speed and load times
  • Website Backup and storage
  • Updating plugins to newer versions
  • Monitoring website downtime and getting site back up and running quickly
  • Posting of schedules and upcoming events
  • Posting to your blog with content provided by you
  • Posting to social media websites

15 years and over 270 customers have proven that we go beyond the typical support by investing in you - Customers first. Always.

People you can trust, ready to help - 7 days a week.

Support that makes you smile. When you call, you're going to talk to someone who stays on the line until you have what you need.

Call and talk to us right now: Whether it's a marketing or product strategy question, our experts want to help.

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