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Last Updated: March 25, 2011

Please note "The organic search listings on Yahoo! Search are now powered by Bing in US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. Webmasters should begin familiarizing themselves with the Bing Webmaster Center tool, as Yahoo! Site Explorer is being phased out in such markets and data available in Site Explorer may no longer be valid. Sign in to the tool at Bing Webmaster Center, and from there you can improve your site's SEO, submit your sites and XML-based Sitemaps to Bing, and get data on which pages of your site have been indexed, backlinks, inbound links and keyword performance." - Yahoo! Site Explorer

Yahoo Webmaster Tools

Today, Yahoo! Site Explorer as they call it, is still a tool that lets you access the information about your site's online presence as seen by Yahoo! Use Yahoo! Site Explorer to:
  • Find which sites and subpages are indexed.
  • Find links or pages that link to any site or any page.
  • Submit and track feeds for your sites.

Although we still set this up for our clients, it now ranks as an "optional service". But there is a difference between the data reporting between Bing and Yahoo.

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