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Google Webmaster Tools

What more can I say than this is mandatory!!! For most of us doing day to day Internet Marketing for clients, Google Webmaster Tools has become the main work horse for reporting results to our clients. Today GWT reports the status and health of a web site better than the other SE's tools.

"See your website the way Google sees it"

Google now provides a free and easy way to make your website more Google-friendly and collects data about your website the way Google sees it:

  • View which of your pages are included in Google's index
  • Were errors discovered while crawling the site
  • They list search queries that list your site in the results
  • Find out which sites really link to yours
  • And more...

Today, Google Webmaster Tools is used by everyone with a website, no matter how big or small. It's free and the data is as accurate as you can get today. We now recommend this application be set up for all our clients.

To learn more about Google's Webmaster Tools and any of the features, please visit the Google Webmaster Help Center at google support webmasters.

Internet Marketing


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