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Webmaster Tools - Bing or Microsoft

Your Webmaster tools account is the location to control advanced features such as Tiles, Crawl Delay and your Deep Links. This can help you gain exposure and manage what searchers see when your site appears in query results.

The depth of data about your website is impressive and almost 100% of our data is exportable into Excel.

In addition to all the reporting and information the tools can provide, Bing Webmaster brings you detailed documents and videos that will explain you how to properly optimize your website better.

Add Your Site To Bing

It's very easy to add you web site to Bing. Go to Add Your Site.

Getting started with Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing has created a great starting point at that explains everything you need to do to get started with Bing Webmaster Tools. Here you will find links to other information that help you along the way like:


  • Open a Webmaster Tools account
  • Validate your website
  • Create and upload my sitemap(s)
  • Create a search optimization plan

XML Sitemap

Bing also uses the exact same XML format as Google for their XML Sitemap. Create the XML Sitemap and use it for all SEs.

Internet Marketing


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