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Web Master Services

For 8 years, Catanich Internet Marketing has delivered authoritative information about the best practices, and our team regularly benchmarks the search engines to verify our concepts. This is called first page placement and the measured results of the search engine optimization process.

Remember, we're used to being on the first page. Are you?

However, we also need to balance our desire for openness and online demonstration with our need to protect our hard learned knowledge. Disclosing details of how we rank pages would open up loopholes for competitors, reducing the quality of the results we return, and diminishing the web experience for all our users.

About Our Web Master Services

One of the least discussed but most important process in SEO is what is known as Webmaster Services. This is not web design or web hosting, but how to supply both you and the search engines with timely, accurate information. As a result, our client's websites perform better than most of our competitors' clients.

Google Webmaster Tools

Remember those $500 per month reports you are paying monthly for? Well -- this is where that data comes from. That $500 is for them to format the data into those pretty reports they supply you. Take that $500 and save it. We teach you where the data is and how to understand it. Oh, that data is exportable into Excel if you really need. So have some fun and ask for the User Name and Password to YOUR Google Webmaster Tools account. See for yourself. Oh -- we take that money and spend it on a Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign.

Question: Want Pretty Reports or More Sales -- Humm...

If you don't have Google Webmaster Tool set up now, it's the first thing we do for a new client before anything else. It tells you very important things like:

  • How many pages of your web site have been indexed?
  • How many links Google states you have?
  • What are the top search queries your site shows up in?
  • How many crawl error does your site have?
  • Or what keywords are performing the best?

About XML Sitemaps

This is also where you tell Google about your XML Sitemaps - you know that XML list of web pages in your site! Don't have one, well this is what we do next and then submit it to the search engines.

About Web Site Diagnostics

Or how about serious Web Site Diagnostics. This is where Google tells you what's wrong with your site. They report to you the following:

  • Malware
  • Crawl errors - Web or Mobil site
  • Crawl stats - Pages crawled per day, Kilobytes downloaded per day, or Time spent downloading a page.
  • Fetch as Googlebot - where you can submit a page or the page's URL and submits it and the linked pages into the index.

About Website Performance

Or your site's performance as in how fast your page loads. This is a major SEO secret that is not addressed by most SEO firms today. So ask yourself some question about your current firm:

About Website Submission

If your site is new, poorly performing or just not in the Search Engine results, we must ask: Has your site been submitted to the Search Engines? No - Do it yourself and be sure! It's free!

About Webmaster Tools

Want to see what the major search engines think about your web site? Webmaster Tools is where you go:

About Google Analytics

Has your current SEO firm set up Google Analytics to track user activity?

Your current SEO Firm should have!

About Website QA and Verification

    Does your major web pages pass HTML Verification?

    Do you have a Mobile site? Does it pass Mobile Site Verification?

    Does your web site's Cascade Style Sheet (CSS) pass CSS Verification?

    Does your web site load quickly? What you see within your company is not what customers see on their home DSL line. Check out what our web site's Speed Test results were and our pages load in under 4 seconds.

Your current Web Site Developer should have!

Here's some more question that need to be asked:

    Or when does your domain name come up for renewal?

    How about when does you web hosting expire?

    Or what was the FTP User Name and Password to your web site?

All good questions for you current webmaster.

It's one thing to design a pretty web site and it's one thing to SEO a web site. But who maintains it, day to day (24/7/365) and keeps it search engine healthy?

That's right, we do. It's called Webmaster Services.

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