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Single Page Website Design

Single Web Designs At Affordable Prices

One-page websites offer a fast and clear reading experience, intuitive scrolling, mobile friendliness, and a clean, sleek design. In a world where users are constantly bombarded with too much content, people love the simplicity of one-page websites.

And most important, it's affordable!

"All companies start out with a great idea and no money. However, today with a website, business cards and hard work, you can grow your new company's digital presence very quickly. We're here to help you."
Jim Catanich

Is a One Page Website Right For You?

Before you move forward with a one-page website, make sure it's the best option for your project or small business. The following are some tips on how to decide if a one-page website is right for you.

When to Choose a One-Page Website

A one page website is a fantastic choice if you donít have a lot of content or it's not closely related. Here's some example:

  • Personal websites or online portfolio
  • Small business websites that sells only services
  • Single product e-commerce site
  • Campaign-specific landing page
  • Freelancer, consultant, or resume page
  • One time events (such as weddings and conferences)
  • Home business start-ups
  • A professional design holding page for your domain

When Not to Choose a One-Page Website

If your website is content heavy, complex, or has tons of information, a one-page website isnít a good choice. This is where we will help you decide which way to go. It's strickly based on the amount of content you will create.

Tips For A Beautiful One-Page Design

Google My Business

Business Cards

Common Logo

About, Services, Location, and Contact
"As a small business with a limited budget, Catanich put everything we needed on a single page, SEOed it for us and two days later we were live. Now that we are getting sales, I can't wait to start on our new multi-page site."

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