Responsive Web Design For Great User Experience

Whether you're on an iPhone, tablet, or your desktop, our responsive website designs look great.

Responsive Web Design For Great User Experience Across All Modern Devices

In fact, you're experiencing the responsive capabilities of our web site right now. This experience can keep your users coming back, over and over on any of the mobile devices they may have. In fact, 74% of users prefer websites that have a great mobile experience on their mobile phones.

"We create great website engagement on any digital device."

Responsive Web Design For all Devices

Reaching your customers at Home, at Work and on the Go

Today's internet users are accessing websites from a wide variety of devices and locations than ever before. The combination of the location of a user, the type of devices, and the ever changing screen sizes can pose a design challenge for your website to be viewed in. Understanding this need of the mobile user can be different depending on any combination of these factors and has become key to delivering high performance, responsive web design.

A common design approach is to build a "Responsive Website", which is a website that automatically adjusts the images, font type and layout format of the content depending on the size of the screen or if the device is in landscape or portrait mode. The experts with Catanich can help you understand what design concept is right for your business.

What Responsive Design can do for Your Business

As the proliferation of mobile devices expands at a rapid rate, you can no longer ignore the need for a responsive web design . If the design of your website is not catering to a mobile audience, you are reducing your chances of showing up on search engines and turning your mobile user away when they do land on your site.

A responsive website will help you improve the following with your mobile audience:

  • Be included in the mobile search index of Google
  • Increase the dwell time on site
  • Reduce bounce rates to improve customer retention and brand loyalty
  • Increase your conversion rates to drive more sales

Experience the Dallas responsive web design concept for yourself by looking through our website. Look at our site on your desk top computer, then try our website on your cell phone (landscape and portrait modes) and finally, if you own a tablet, review our site in landscape and portrait modes as well.

  • Notice the navigation menu changes
  • Notice the loading speed
  • Notice the layout changes in landscape and portrait modes

What you are looking at is a high performance, mobile first, responsive web design that meets the digital requirements of Google's search engine. Do the other vendors you speak with meet this standard?

No. Give us a call. We would love to go into the details with you on what your new website should be.

Let us show you how we can transform your business...