Custom Web Design & Development

Statistically, you have 4 seconds to impress a site visitor with your design and usability.

After that, they will eithor decide to read further or simply exit -- never to return. Our designs not only keep your visitors on your site but return to become your client.

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Website Design Service

Our Mobile First Design Services are amplifying websites for top of the page performance.

We understand that a web design has to be integrated with all your marketing efforts. This is why we merge design, messaging, development, conversions and usability into a high performing website that considers every interaction with your digital user.

We take a strategic, marketing driven approach to design by making sure that it will:

  • Attract the attention of your visitors with a professional and impressive design,
  • Engage them with compelling and strategically placed content, and
  • Convert visitors into leads through a seamless user experience.

This translates into increased revenue for you, and we have the results to prove it.

We take a 3 point approach to helping you achieve your website redesign goals:

  • Strategy before execution
  • Usability before trends
  • Conversions before pretty aesthetics

Our strategists work with you to:

  • Our vast experience helps us to determine why a website fails to achieve objectives and goals.
  • Our proven design methods and tactics help many clients grow and take their business to the next level.
  • Our team members will work with you and guide you through the whole design process.
"We're helping our clients create that digital first impression."


Since 1997, our clients have chosen us for our custom web design and web development skills and services. From small business to large enterprise to start-ups - we've seen it all -- we've done it all.


It's one thing to complete a project; however it's another to use our experience and intuition to generate amazing results. From day one, our team takes ownership of the project to achieve your objectives. We will then train you on the use of the site and support you all the way.


We are more than just a contractor or vendor. We become an extension of your digital team and offer long term partnerships to help your company grow. Whether it be for occasional marketing advice, a software bug, or 24/7/365 mission critical support, we are there with you all the way.

About Our Custom Application Development

Do you have specific requirements or processes that regular CMS Plug-in cannot provide? Do you have to learn very advanced software that comes with a 1,000 page manuals when you only need or use 5% of it?

Catanich Internet Marketing has built many advanced custom web sites and applications for businesses. We offer scalable web design that can grow with your business needs so you will only be paying for what you need. Our web developers and web designers have provided affordable sites for all industries from Fortune 500 to the mom & pop startup.

Our software development team will use the latest technologies and provide you with clear and frequent communication about the status of your project.

How Custom Applications Can Help Your Business

Most custom applications allow businesses to improve their productivity and there are numerous advantages to using custom application designs. Here are some of them:

Improved Security

Widely used applications such as popular CMS systems, Themes, and Plug-in are more vulnerable to hackers since the javaScript code in not standardized or kept under design control. A hacker will spend their time trying to hack into a platform or Plug-in that will net them a much larger amount of victims.

Our custom designs use highly secure software maintained under tight security control by the top leading vendors.

Better Customer Service

A respectable agency that builds a custom website for you will generally provide support and maintenance for your project. You will have less bugs and rapid fixes wen found. You will also experience faster design times for enhancements that will improved the UX experience.

Will Never Become Obsolete

Custom software is built for you by a skilled design team. You have own the design and have complete control over the direction of the project. You can enhance and improve features to meet your business needs.

Built Just For Your Needs

A custom application is meant for your business and your specific needs. You can have one application that meets all of your needs as opposed to a handful of applications or plug-ins that only provide one task. It will also be easier to keep your business data in one location and have it grow with your business.