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As a leading Search Engine Optimization agency, our Dallas SEO Expert can drive more customers to your business than any other online source.

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Dallas SEO Expert - SEO Consultant

Dallas SEO Expert And Local SEO Expert

Catanich Internet Marketing is an SEO agency that has a team of dedicated Search Engine Optimization Experts, not just a part-time consultant working for us. Why does that make a difference for you?

For one thing, our agency is a team of specialized SEO experts in their field. We believe in teamwork as a core pillar of our SEO strategy our team + your team. We believe having an array of people, all working together means broader expertise that is suited for any client. In contrast, a SEO consultant is just one person bring their skill set to your team for a limited period of time. If their expertise doesn't match your brand, there isn't anyone else they can collaborate with to fill in those gaps in experience.

Often, SEO consultant aspire to later become a Dallas SEO expert or SEO consultant agency when they grow enough and gain enough clients. We've already achieved this and have been able to expand our team accordingly with tested direct and contract resources. We work together to produce superior outcomes in a timely manner. A SEO Consultant are also severely constrained on time. They can only do as much work as they themselves can achieve - usually 40 hours per week. However, because we are a SEO agency, we can tackle a much greater volume of work and meet all of our clients' needs more quickly than an individual SEO consultant.

SEO Consulting vs. SEO Implementation

We have two offerings for our clients: SEO Consultation and SEO Implementation. We prefer to provide both services, but we also understand that all our clients' needs will be slightly different. That's why we offer the flexibility of choosing one or both strategies.

SEO Consulting

When we do SEO consulting, we do all of the leg work on keyword research, site structure, site navigation, authority building, relevance and content-keyword assignment. This is a crucial first step for improving SEO on your web site. Most clients need some amount of consultation before implementing their SEO strategy. This is where a web site audit comes in to play.

After we do the core research, some clients go ahead and implement it themselves. This is good for businesses large enough to have in-house content producers and web resources. However, not everyone has time or resources to implement the SEO strategies after we do a consultation. It is also the case that not every client needs or wants a consultation. You know your business best, so if you have already done all the research and leg work required, we can skip ahead to implementing your strategy for you.

SEO Implementation

Implementation is critical. Research without implementation isn't going to improve your search results or performance. We not only do the research, but we can put all those strategies into practice so you can get results with the least company resources.

We understand that many of our clients are busy running their business. We know that the day to day operations of any company are a huge task. You don't need to also take on the SEO tasks when you work with us. You can just worry about your business and watch as we implement SEO strategies for you that drive more traffic and more sales to your website.