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Welcome to This is where we have put links to concepts we've tested and recommend you implement. There are examples of thing "to do" or "not to do" and then any notes on thing we have found or working on that might help.

We also are using this page for our broken links that have resulted from the site's redesign.

Site Search

First off, conduct a search for the topic. Just enter the keyword / phrase of what you are looking for and then press Go. It will take you to a list of pages on our site that contain that phrase. We have also added some Google search results as well.

Tips, Advise or Help Links

Since many have asked, this search function is from Google. This feature now handles all of site searches. No more development and maintenance. We also added the Google AdSense to it to see if we would lose traffic, how it works and its impact. We now have just left it in place for a client demonstration of "Site Search".

See Website Search from Google for more information from Google.

Can you tell me where I should start? This is our number one question asked of us. A client comes to us and says I have a web site(s), now what do I do with it? Well we recommend starting here: Where To Start Tips.

But when it comes to competitive SEO, you know when you want to be on the first page for highly competitive keywords, it requires more, you then should do the following: On-Page SEO Tips

Finally and most important is link building. Without it, you will never make the first two pages for a highly competitive keyword. Now links can come from many places, some are extremely valuable while others have no value at all. Here is a starting point for you: Off-Page SEO Tips

Need a quick jolt to your sales? The fastest way we know is a short term AdWord Pay Per Click campaign. You will be getting phone calls tomorrow!

Internet Marketing


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