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Internet Marketing

The Starting Point

In order to have search term (the keyword phrase) success, these keywords/phrases must become an integral part of your web site's content and HTML code. These related keywords will be used through out the Search Engine Optimization process and used in the SEO Elements like page titles, alt tags, and associated meta tags. They also play a major role in the page ranking of the "On-Screen" content.

What keywords phrases does your pages target now?

So the very first question that needs to ask when starting to optimize a web page is: What keywords/keyword phrases is the page now targeting? This is called Keyword Research Analysis.

You see, ranking a web site for any old keyword maybe ok, but it may not bring in traffic you really want.

Did you know you can over optimize a site?

If you use the wrong keywords or have gone overboard in optimizing your web site, you could actually get your site banned from the Search Engines.

Do you know when to stop SEOing?

On-Page SEO Elements

Here are some of the Search Engine Optimization (On-Page SEO) Elements that will need to be modify in your site optimization process:

  • HTML page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Meta Keywords
  • Keyword density in the content copy
  • Image's Alt tag
  • Position of primary copy
  • Length of primary copy
  • Keyword prominence
  • URL/File names
  • H1, H2, H3...
  • Internal linking structure
  • Site's overall "spiderability"

How we help you?

After we optimize your web pages for your selected keyword phrases, we don't stop there. You see, On-Page Search Engine Optimization of a web site is not an easy process and with continual changes in the algorithms the search engines use, it is not a one-time process either.

Because of this, all Catanich's programs typically include an additional monthly monitoring or maintenance contract that covers your site.

Internet Marketing


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