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Internet Marketing


MSN's BING is late to the search game despite having the search engine that is the default for the vast majority of the computers in the world.

  • Rankings are currently based on historical information from the Looksmart directory and Inktomi (search technology owned by Yahoo).
  • Search technology is similar although typically considered inferior to Google and Yahoo.

Sponsored Results

Through Overture, MSN publishes PPC ads that show up in a section titled Sponsored Sites and in little boxes at the top right of the screen.

  • The advertisers with the top three bids will have their ads displayed in the Sponsored Sites section.
  • Advertisers with lower bids are displayed in the side boxes and on secondary pages.
  • Position is determined solely by the amount that the advertiser bids.
  • Ads are limited to a 40 character title and a 190 character description.
  • Click thru rates are often very good for advertisers in the top spots.

Internet Marketing


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