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Internet Marketing


Google: The Mother of All Search Engines

Organic Search Results

Google has become the largest search engine in the world by focusing on offering the most relevant search results.

  • Rankings are based on a very complex algorithm that encompasses both on page factors and inbound and outbound links from your site.
  • Google Organic Listings are also the primary results displayed at AOL.
  • For an optimized site, Google will typically be the largest referrer.

Sponsored Results

The Google Adwords program provides the pay per click (PPC) ads that are displayed at the top of the page in highlighted bars or in sponsored link boxes (resembling banner ads) on the right.

  • Higher ranking ads will typically get the top bars.
  • Position is determined by your adís bid price and its click thru rate.
  • Ads are limited to a 25 character title and a two line description with no more than 35 characters per line.
  • Click thru rates are often low due to limited ad copy and appearance of ads as banners.

Internet Marketing


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