Dinners, Menus And Such
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Dinners, Menus And Such

After 20+ years of being bitched at for not having my recipes writen down, I created this recipe site so that my family and friends can stop asking me for the recipe. I now say, "it on the site."

Now, I use this site every week. And... my kids do as well and want access to recipes. Then came friends who asked and so on and so on. So feel free to copy them and uses them as you may. We have and love them. Oh, if you like one, click on the social links below and tell the world. Thanks Jim.

AMPed Based Recipe List.
It's probably not what you think! This is business related.

This recipe site is really a demo of the "Accelerated Mobile Page [AMP] project - recipes". This section documents the configuration, design, test, and Google AMP acceptance, certification and results.

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Kellie 4?'s Birthday

Seafood Paella & Fixings

Paella de Marisco, the classic grilled rice dish from the coast Spain, is perfect for a barbecue because everything cooks together in one pan and absorbs the smoky flavor from the open fire. The key to this dish is the crusty caramelized layer of rice, called Socarrat, that forms on the bottom of the pan. While the combination of ingredients ranges from the traditional fish of the day and shrimp to mussels and clams, this version, known as de Marisco, contains seafood of a varieties. For more Spanish flair, sip on glasses of Sangria while the paella's on the grill.

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