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Professional Videographer

Alex S. Talis

Professional videographer/editor/researcher

Alex S. Talis makes an art of combining information and visuals. His editorial judgment and storytelling ability have been recognized by industry awards. He applies his skills for national cable television programs, corporate, educational and wedding videos. You can work with Alex S. Talis to create accompanying written materials for any project you decide to produce.

Strictly speaking, Alex S. Talis works in the video medium, recording moving images and sound on tape, disk, other electro-mechanical device that are broadcast live.

On a set, he is usually responsible for the camera, sound, and lighting. As part of a typical field production crew, he usually work underneath the project director, however, for smaller productions (e.g. corporate and event videos), he often works alone or leads a two or three person team of camera operators and lighting and sound technicians.

Typically, he'll manage smaller, event scale productions like weddings, short documentaries, short fiction pieces, simple commercials, simple training videos.

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