Pay Per Click Audit

It will refocus your ad spend

Frustrated that you don't know where you stand with your PPC campaign? Are you spending more than you're making? It can be challenging to put in all the work and time to implement a modest Pay Per Click campaign only to realize you're not sure you've made a difference in your companies ROI.

Dallas PPC Company

Get help optimizing your campaigns

With Catanich, we provide you with a detailed Pay Per Click Audits so you have a fresh set of eyes looking at your PPC bottom line.

We analyze your PPC account to make sure you're not leaving anything on the table. Our team will look for all of the ways you or your PPC agency can improve Pay Per Click efforts. We scour the data, pointing out all of the small and significant tweaks and changes that can give you an instant ROI boost.

The Audit

We Audit Your PPC Efforts

We begin a PPC Audit by compiling historical Pay Per Click data. Our team then identifies areas of waste in your PPC account. We provide suggestions for small or sweeping changes that can give you an instant boost in your ROI. Your account's performance will benefit from our experts telling you exactly what needs to be done today for a healthier campaign tomorrow.

What's included?

Our experts perform the following core services with a PPC Audit:

  • Verify conversion and tracking codes are properly installed
  • Pinpoint areas of waste across an account
  • Suggest positive keywords to add to your campaign
  • Analyze quality score and recommend ways to improve
  • Analyze current ad content performance alongside statistical significance
  • Suggest display ads
  • Evaluate extensions and recommend ways to improve
  • Identify account key metrics that align with business goals
  • Identify and create landing pages focused on keywords.
  • Recommend remarketing best practices to boost account ROI
  • Evaluate account settings and structure
  • Suggest implementation of appropriate daily, weekly or monthly tasks