ULTA Beauty

Client: ULTA Beauty Shopping Cart

URL: https://www.ulta.com/

Website Focus: Modern Shopping Cart, high performance product detail page speed per item and general content cleanup.

Services Provided: SEO Shopping Cart

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Beauty

Case Summary: This online shopping cart came to Catanich in 2014 asking for a updated website and soild Shopping Cart SEO. They saw a 1,184% increase in organic traffic, and a coversion rate increase 127% and 1,137 top 10 keywords in Google alone


Using an existing shoppoing cart technology, upgrade it for competitive SEO in the Beauty product's market. They signed up for Web Design and SEO with us to meet these goals.


Aligning with their primary goals, we updated the core template of the website, optimized category pages, optimized product detail page, edited copy focusing on keywords that will convert and bring in the consistent traffic they are looking for.


In comparison to the previous year, the site is receiving 1,184% more organic sessions, saw a 2,135.64% increase in pages / session (15.67 avg) and 1,137 pages were in the top 10 keywords in Google for the Christmas holiday.

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