Texas Hematology Oncology Centers

Client: Texas Hematology Oncology Centers

URL: https://www.thocpa.com

Website Focus: Modern Web template, high performance page speed and general content cleanup.

Services Provided: Web Design, SEO, PPC

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Medical

Case Summary: This North Texas-based company came to Catanich in 2014 offering the latest treatment to cancer and blood disorder patients. After the first year of our campaign, they saw a 828% increase in organic traffic and a 1,175% increase in organic revenue.


THOCPA came to Catanich looking to drive more organic traffic to their site. They wanted to see more stability in their revenue as well as successful Google Ads campaigns. They signed up for SEO and PPC with us to meet these goals.


Aligning with their primary goals, we have written optimized copy focusing on keywords that will convert and bring in the consistent traffic they are looking for. We have also begun our link building process, fixed mobile usability issues, and have set up our Google Ads campaigns.


In comparison to last year, the site is receiving 828% more organic sessions, from 11,672 organic sessions in the previous year to 108,418 sessions this month. \ Overall, there was a 435.64% increase in traffic to the site this month compared to last year. Organic revenue increased 1,175.66% and overall revenue has increased by 800% since last year.

The Google Ads campaigns performed extremely well as they brought in an impressive ROI of 12,334.23%.

The second round of our campaign, the saw a 328% increase in organic traffic, 217% increase in conversion rates, and a 380% increase in organic revenue.

2020 brought 210% in increase in organic traffic, 85% increase in conversion rates, and email marketing.

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