Testa Law Group

Client: Testa Law Group

URL: https://www.testalawgroup.com

Website Focus: Modern Web template, high performance page speed and general content cleanup.

Services Provided: Web Design, SEO

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Law

Case Summary: This North Texas-based company came to Catanich in 2014 requiring a professional Law Firm website to increase revenue. After the first year of our campaign, they saw a 828% increase in organic traffic and a 1,175% increase in organic revenue and 23 new clients per week.


Testa Law Group didn't have a website or any digital images since they were a new law firm.


We created a very high performance mobile first website that targeted clients in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.


After the first year, the website had increase to 23,471 web pages covering every city and county in Texas, Louisiana and Florida. Organic sessions increased to 37,531 with a click through rate of 3.72% and phone call rate of 106 calls per week and an averaging 56 new cases signups per month.

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