Social News Submission Services

Submitting your articles to the Social News Submission Directories one at a time can be a very time consuming process.

You can now submit your article to us and we will submit it for you to the following Social News websites.

Social News Website List

Social News Website List

mix.comSocial news site100%USA English
reddit.comSocial news site100%USA English
boingboing.netSocial news site99%USA English
digg.comSocial news site99%USA English
fark.comSocial news site99%USA English
lifehacker.comSocial news site99%USA English
meneame.netSocial news site99%USA Spanish
metafilter.comSocial news site99%USA English
newsvine.comSocial news site99%USA English
techdirt.comSocial news site99%USA English
techmeme.comSocial news site99%USA English
news.ycombinator.comSocial news site98%USA English
slashdot.orgSocial news site98%USA English
sphinn.comSocial news site33%USA English

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