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One of the primary benefits of Pay Per Click is that the ad can be linked to any page in the site. Despite this fact, many new advertisers link all ads to their home page or pages that are only mildly on topic. This will always lead to lower conversion rates and a corresponding lower ROI.

At Catanich, we works with our clients to design on topic landing pages that will maximize the impact of the ad and ensure that each page has a strong "call to action". Studies show that when searchers click on an ad, they immediately scan the page to see where the information is that they are looking for. If it is not instantly apparent that the page contains the information, the majority will back out after 5 seconds. This is call "bounce rate" and the value can be found in you Google Analytic report.

What Makes A Good Landing Page

A good landing page should have the following qualities:

  • Immediately confirms to the visitor they will find what there looking for - includes the query term in the title and description
  • Has a clear call to action - fill out a form, order a trial, buy a product, request a catalog, subscribe to a service or even just vote and voice their opinion
  • It should not be too wordy - limit it to 150 words
  • Has professional, high resolution images, product shots that has proper lighting
  • Includes the price range for services or the price of the product
  • Provides a clear incentive to buy - discount, product comparison, service guarantee, support etc.

Advertising Policies Of The Search Engines

As part of our commitment to make AdWords an effective advertising option for our clients, we follow the SE's outlined design guidelines to better serve our clients. With over 7 years of experience with AdWords, we've found that when our landing page designs reflect these guidelines, two important things happen:

  • First, the users develop a trust in the positive experience provided after clicking on AdWords ads
  • And second, the landing page receives a higher quality score which results in decreasing your keywords' cost-per-clicks (CPCs).

As a result, our over campaign costs run 10% to 14% below most existing campaigns that we take over.

Below, we have included the Google polices that are automatically monitored on all AdWords campaigns:

Landing Page Designs

Our design team can design effective landing pages to complement your Pay Per Click marketing program. Our design services include construction of database driven forms, surveys, email response information requests and trial downloads.

We don't stop there; we repeatedly design two or three pages to run A/B testing of marketing scenarios to see which has the highest results. Remember, a landing page design must improve your visitor retention rates and convert more visitors into leads or customers. And testing a set it how you do it.

Mobile Landing Page Development

The introduction of Google Mobile allows advertisers to promote their services anywhere a mobile phone and handheld device is active. If your site is not ideally suited for visitors using a WAP browser or lower screen resolutions, we can develop mobile landing pages that will allow you to advertise on this new media.

Internet Marketing


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