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Dynamic Keyword Insertion [ DKI ]

One of the major questions asked of us is how do you insert the keyword phrase into the AdWords ad. Google called this Dynamic Keyword Insertion or DKI. AdWords keyword insertion is an advanced feature from AdWordsused to dynamically update your ad text with your chosen keyword phrase. You place a special modification tag in your ad text to enable this feature.

To specify how you'd like the ad keywords to be displayed, and give a default phrase which will be displayed if your dynamic keywords cannot for whatever reason. The format is below:


Use the following capitalization on the work 'keyword' to get different effects:

  • keyword - no capitalization
  • Keyword - First word is capitalized
  • KeyWord - Every Word Is Capitalized
  • KEYword - EVERY letter in first word is capitalized
  • KEYWord - LIKE Above But With Each Word Capitalized

Destination URL Insertion

You can also insert the keyword phrase into the destination URL string.


Google Reference: How do I use keyword insertion?

Google Search Term: Keyword Insertion Code

As always, all your ads and keywords must meet Google's advertising policies.

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