Party Menu Ideas

Take the stress out of planning that semi-casual dinner party with our menu ideas from our parties. Our menus are just right for any easy-going meal with family or friends.

We've put together a collection of our dinner party ideas, recipes, menus and and preparation tips. Browse our collection of impressive a apetizers, main dishes, side dishs, as well as desserts that end the meal with WOW factor.

Party Menu Ideas

Party Menu Ideas

Looking for a compliment worthy, yet easy to make Dinner Party Menu? Here are some crowd pleasing recipes for appetizers, entrees, and desserts, including tried and tested menus we've made. These recipes are easy to multiply, can be prepped ahead, and are perfect for any party, or any celebration.

Planning for a party can be really stressful. A lot of people get overwhelmed by the decisions on what to cook, which dishes pair well, appetizers to serve, and what drinks to offer.

Tips for Hosting ANY Dinner Party

  • Always use recipes that you have tried before.
  • I choose popular and well known menu items. They are more successful than the ones that are too regional, or people have never tried before.
  • I stay clear of shell fish. In a large gathering, there are strong chances that someone is severely allergic to them (unless you get a green signal from your guests).
  • If you have a party of 20, don't cook every single entree for 20. In parties, people eat appetizers, plus there are more choices than one can eat, so unless you want to have a ton of leftovers, account for 70% of your headcount for each main dish.
  • This above rule does not apply to Casseroles, Chicken Wings, etc. These dishes are loved by kids and adults alike, so everyone takes a helping or two
  • For parties larger than 8, set up the dinner buffet-style. Even if there's seating for all, it is much easier to keep track and replenish items when food is in one central place.
  • Don't forget to setup an area for drinks and water.

Party Menu Dinners - In The Works

    Nothing planned as of now

Party Menu Dinners - In The Past

Many of the past party dinners have been repeated with minor changes but there are always changes to tweek the recipes. Here are some of the documented menus from the past. More will be added as they are found and documented.










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