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Trial By Fire: The Silicon War Trilogy: Book 2


Paperback $19.99/U.S.
ISBN-10: 1505395577
ISBN-13: 9781505395570

Hardcover $39.99/U.S.

Paperback $17.99/U.S.

Ebook $4.99/U.S.

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Trial By Fire

"Its A Silicon Valley Trial By Fire... And When You Play With Fire, You Get Burned!"

What started out as a favor has now turned into a nightmare of lies, slander, and yellow journalism. Watch as this David and Goliath battle unfolds as the result of The Silicon War between Intel and National where industrial espionage blurs the line with military espionage.

When Semiconductor engineer Robert Contie speaks out to help a friend accused of Industrial espionage, he is also arrested for Theft of Trade Secrets as an attempt to stop him from speaking out. Watch as Contie walks threw the land mines set out for him by the President of a major Silicon Valley Corporation and navigates the Silicon Valley's outdated legal system.

"An action packed real life drama that reveals some of event from the Silicon Valley War between the KGB and DIA. Excellent background information used to setup the period of 1978. It's right out of the headlines. It's what spy novels are made from."