The Silicon War Trilogy

Theft of Trade Secrets

When the Russians attempted to copy American semiconductor chips, it was considered a threat to national security. All intelligence assets on all continents were mobilized to stop it. CIA, DIA, NSA and FBI are alerted to the threat.

Theft of Trade Secrets: The Silicon War Trilogy: Book 1

Historical Fiction

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Theft Of Trade Secrets

By James Catanich

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However when the Japanese did it, it was considered a highly questionable trade practice or just industrial espionage. Then, when a US company copied another US company's technology, it was just called "reverse engineering" and highly encouraged.

When Intel Corporation introduced the 8080a microprocessor, within a year, National introduced their own version of the 8080a microprocessor stating that it was reverse engineered. Intel demanded that the leaders of California and the US Congress pass laws to prohibit the act of reverse engineering. Where Intel lost millions of dollars of profits; six digit bonus checks were issued to the management of National.

Read what happens when the KGB does it to National on the very product they copied from Intel Corporation. The ferocity and retaliation shocked Silicon Valley to the core. It shocked the California Legislature into action. It shocked the US Senate into demanding an investigation. Words like 'savagery', 'brutality', 'barbarity', 'fierceness', 'violence', 'bloodthirstiness', 'murderousness' to name a few were used daily in the media. But the real damage was done when they started using the term "Communist Spies". Yes, the Silicon Valley power brokers had reverted back to their Joseph McCarthy roots.

Was this really McCarthyism applied to industrial espionage? Or a parduct marketing witch hunt? Or maybe it was just a simple act of employer retaliation? This is a true story of the hypocrisy and double standards that were rampant in Silicon Valley in the late 70's.

However, what this single act also did was start "The Silicon War" between Russia and the US where anything goes! Come along for the ride, I did!

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"An action packed real life drama that unfolds the events of the Silicon War between Intel and National and how the KGB took advantage of it. Excellent background information used to setup the time frame of 1978 and what started the war. It's right out of the headlines, courtroom, and a spy novel." -- Gray Bar Books

"A non-stop, Techno-action drama! Right out of the Silicon Valley headlines! Catanich manages to ratchet up the suspense on this never see it coming ending."

"If you think your ideas are yours? Think again. This true story was the beginning of taking your ideas away from you." -- John Gray, Intellectual Property attorney

"In the world of 15 second sound bites and tweets, this novel shows the real world of 'operational fog' and why that 15 second first impression is always wrong. It will repeatedly lead you to a wrong assumption. During WWW2, they called this 'propaganda', today we call it 'spin'". -- Jody Blair

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