The Silicon War Trilogy

Theft of Trade Secrets

Chapter 3

When the Russians attempted to copy American semiconductor chips, it was considered a threat to national security. All intelligence assets on all continents were mobilized to stop it. CIA, DIA, NSA and FBI are alerted to the threat.

Theft of Trade Secrets: The Silicon War Trilogy: Book 1

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Theft Of Trade Secrets

The Silicon War Triology

Chapter 3 - Karov Bar

Karov Bar
Moscow, USSR
June 1974 1730 hours MSK


Loneliness, isolation, and small stature were at the base of Ijoshi Norogomi reason to take the posting in Moscow. He didn't have many friends in Tokyo. He once had a girlfriend who was drunk most of the time and when she fell asleep, well... you understand that's when he got lucky. But at work, there was no one better. As the lead cipher clerk, there was power in reading the unreadable. He knew thing that the rest of the world did not. If only he had someone to tell.

It didn't take Valerie Ivanovich Umansky long to go from her house to Karov bar on the south side of Moscow. The food was ok, but the drinks there were strong and varied. Her favorite was the American Jim Beams whiskey. Karov's was also known to have many foreign items for sale and that attracted the foreigners working in the surrounding area. Ijoshi was one of them.

Ijoshi first noticed her as she walked by outside. Her long brown hair was down and loose, blowing in the light spring breeze. Finally, it was warm in Moscow. As she came in, she took her normal corner at the bar, ordered a drink as she took off her scarf and coat.

As the evening move on, there was the brief eye contact, the small smile and finally his walk to the bathroom. It was just a simple "hi" as he walked by but he was glad to get into the bathroom. He could already feel his face starting to blush. He had never been this bold in Tokyo but she did give him a smile back.

As his luck would have it, when he walked out to continue the conversation, some guy was standing over her talking. With disappointment, he just walked by, paid his bill, and left without looking back. Again he thought, "It must have been my imagination."

He had done nothing but think about her for two days, "That hair; the smile; and that cute 5 foot 4 inch body. I wonder if she would be there tonight." After two starts and stops, he finally decided to walk pass Karov, just to see. The corner bar was empty. "Oh hell, it's early. Just one..." he said and he walked in.

After two beers, and a left behind newspaper for company, it was time to go when he heard her say "Hi" as she walked by. He had to look around but there was no one else she could have been talking to. He was the only one.

Now, many find it easy to walk up to someone and just start talking. You know that "A type" personality. But for Ijoshi, the "hi" was extremely hard for him to do but then came sheer terror, "now what do you say?" There wasn't a single cipher he could not break. He also had extensive computer training. However, he was never taught how to talk to a woman.

How many times can you have eye contact? How many times can you smile? Well Mother Nature solved this problem, he had to pee.

Now, how do you walk past someone you want to meet? What do you say, just a "Hi." With a deep breath, he got up and walked toward the bathroom that was just past the corner of the bar and where that smile is waiting. As he walked past to say "hi", to his surprise, he heard, "Would you like to buy me a drink?"

"I would love to but I'll be right back."

Would someone be there talking when he got back. "Damn I hate beer, it goes right thru." The mirror was filthy but he could see that his hair was in place, teeth were clean, and he should have shaved this morning. As he pull up the pants, tuck in his shirt, and took a deep breath, out he went.

Yes, she was still there and still by herself this time. As he walked up, he said "Hi again, may I buy you that drink now?"

This got a smile, a "yes", and a pat on the chair to sit down. Finally, "What's your name"? It was so easy to talk with her. His Russian was basic. To his surprise, her Japanese was quite good but both found out that they spoke English and settled into using it. Both needed the practice anyway and very few, if any of the people in the bar spoke it. It was just the two of them, alone.

As she got up to go to the restroom, he also stood. She came up to his eyebrows as she walked away, and she had on short-heeled shoes. Oh, she would fit.

As she came back, she said she had to leave, but could they meet tomorrow night here and maybe go somewhere for dinner close by. It was the touch on his shoulder as she left that almost made him fall down. Talk about weak knees. "Wow."

The next night couldn't come soon enough, quick drinks, fun talk and off to dinner at a small place she knew. The evening went fast and finally came the offer to walk her home.

At the door, a brief kiss and then came the "I have to work late tomorrow night, but would you pick me up for dinner Friday night." She was now taking control and gave him a specific thing to do.

Friday came and Ijoshi was on time to pick her up. As he rang, she opened the door, asked him in and to his surprise, "I thought I should cook tonight, I don't get to very often. May I offer you a drink?" Dinner was very good and the wine, remarkable! The music was soft and so were her shoulders. It started with a short kiss, then a longer one. Ijoshi was in way over his head and he didn't care. He was going to get laid.

Saturday afternoon was sightseeing, then dinner and sex. Sunday was sex, breakfast and more sex. Unknown to Ijoshi, Valerie was a KGB swallow and he was in the process of being recruited. Yes, Ijoshi was in over his head and he didn't care, he was getting laid.

On July 7, 1974, Ijoshi Norogomi (code name MISHA) was recruited by the KGB.




What had started out as a "secret that you can't tell anyone", quickly turned into hard documents. The more documents Ijoshi obtained, the better the sex became. As his covert training started, their visibility became limited. Instead of the walks in the park, there was the game of "dead drop." Instead of holding hands, there was the game of "brush contact." With his training complete and the document piling up, Ijoshi got the word that he was being transferred back to Tokyo.

The quickness of the transfer set off alarms within the KGB-Moscow. Was there a leak? Had they been detected? Were they being set up? No. A cipher clerk in Tokyo had unexpectedly taken ill, and there was now an opening, Ijoshi was to go home. Ijoshi would now become the lead cipher clerk in the Japanese Foreign Office. It was an unbelievable turn of fate, and created a KGB gold mine of information.

Ijoshi was the first to suggest that Valerie join him in Tokyo. He loved her and didn't want their love to stop.

It wasn't until Ijoshi got back to Tokyo did he learn that the cipher clerk had died unexpectedly of toxic kidney failure. Therefore, because of his outstanding service in Moscow, he had been promoted to head the Foreign Ministry cipher section.

Upon his return to Tokyo, Ijoshi was assigned to a new KGB Case Officer, Valentin Nikolayevich Belov who assigned him a new code name (NAZAR) to keep any possible overlapping information links to a minimum.


On October 23rd, 1974, KGB Agent MISHA was deactivate.

On October 24th, 1974, KGB Agent NAZAR was activate.


As Valerie Ivanovich Umansky got off the airplane in Tokyo, she was very excited by her first overseas assignment. At 22, she would be one of the youngest in the field overseas.

On October 29th, 1974, Valerie Umansky (code name LANDYSH) went active.


Over the next eight months, the volume of data and the levels of quality were unbelievably high. NAZAR's Intelligence collection was considered so important that his case officer in Tokyo, Belov was taken off all other duties. In addition, for security reasons NAZAR rarely met with him. NAZAR just left his material in a dead letter box (DLB) or passed it on by brush contact (BCL). Whenever he was due to make a delivery, KGB operations officers ringed the DLB or BCL to ensure that it was not under surveillance.

Additionally, the excitement of how NAZAR and LANDYSH would get together next, secretly, just heightened the excitement and attraction for Ijoshi as he played the lead role of spy.

The diplomatic telegrams supplied by NAZAR, which included traffic between Tokyo and its Washington DC embassy, were sometimes so voluminous that the KGB residency in Japan found it difficult to translate them all before forwarding to the KGB Centre.

With the assistance of NAZAR himself to the KGB Centre's code breakers, his supplied cipher material resolved the back log. To the KGB, this rated even more highly than his copies of Japanese diplomatic traffic.




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