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Theft of Trade Secrets: The Silicon War Trilogy: Book 1


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Theft Of Trade Secrets

The Silicon War Triology

Russia Copies US Semiconductor Chip And A Silicon War Breaks Out

When the Russians attempted to copy American semiconductor chips, it was considered a threat to national security. All intelligence assets on all continents were mobilized to stop it. CIA, DIA, NSA and FBI are alerted to the threat. Then when the Japanese did it, it was considered a highly questionable trade practice or just industrial espionage. However, when a US company copied another US company's technology, it was called "reverse engineering" and highly encouraged.

When Intel Corporation introduced the 8080a microprocessor, within a year, National Semiconductor introduced their own version of the 8080a microprocessor stating that it was reverse engineered. Intel demanded that the leaders of California and the US Congress pass laws to prohibit the act of reverse engineering. Where Intel lost millions of dollars of profits; six digit bonus checks were issued to employees of National.

However, read what happens when it was done to National on the very product that they copied from Intel Corporation. The ferocity and retaliation shocked all the participants. It shocked the California Legislature into action. It shocked the US Senate into demanding...

"An action packed real life drama that unfolds the events of the Silicon War between Intel and National and how the KGB took advantage of it. Excellent background information used to setup the time frame of 1978 and what started the war. It's right out of the headlines, courtroom, and a spy novel."