Dusty - Silicon Snow

Catanich returns to the thrilling historical fiction he has so brilliantly made his own. This is the first of seven side stories from the infamous Gopal affair told as a chillingly dark, hard-edged series of novels of theft, conspiracy and espionage.

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Dusty - Silicon Snow

Chapter 5

It's always amazing about who you think your friends are until you have a major event take place. For Sean, there were 12 days in the Good Samaritan hospital without a single visitor. And you know it sucks when you look forward to talking with the police.

What's more amazing, with all the wounds he received, it was the two small buck shot wounds in the left cheek of his butt that got infected. Although the staph infection was gone, it was still very hard for him to sit or lay on his back. However, one good thing was that he now could put his full weight on both feet when he walked although the pain was still there. And the doctor took care of that.

At first, the doctor had prescribed 20mg of Valium to be taken as needed, but today, the doctor changed the prescription to 5mg to be taken only 2 times a day. The doctor wanted Sean to tough it out instead of possibly of getting hooked. And this really sucked because his butt really hurt.

Nevertheless, today, that was the least of his problems.  He was now checked out of the hospital. The problem was, he now had to find some place to live since Keron's house was no longer available.

He had called his mom, but she hung up on him. He tired his sister, but her husband wouldn't let him anywhere near the kids. Finally, he called an old school friend who had sent him the only card while he was in the hospital. It simply said "Dude, long time, call".

Paul Christen Bachard was one of the jocks at Westmont High School. Why he hung around Sean was a wonder. Well, no it really wasn't, Sean had the pot. With the pot, Paul could get any of the girls in school he wanted and if lucky, Sean got the leftovers.

During their junior year, they had one of those very serious conversations that boys do after 3 six packs and a half a bottle of Jack Daniels. Sean confided the following. "Look, when drunk, girls want to get high and they will sleep with anyone to do it. Offer them extra and then you will get extra. So it's simple; I need drugs to get women. I need money to get the drugs. And, I will do anything to get the money. Look at me. Would you sleep with me?"

"Hell no dude, you aren't my type" Paul kidded.

Paul was lucky. His family lived in a 3,200 sq foot hillside home in west Campbell. His father was some big wig for Fairchild Semiconductor. His mom, well, she had never worked. Everyone still remembers the scandal when she went on vacation for a month with a small B chest and came back with "the Double D's". Paul's father went ballistic at first; but he has been grinning ever since now that he's got used to it.

For Paul, it was just embarrassing. All his guy friends and their dads just drooled. Their moms were disgusted by it too, but that didn't stop them from getting theirs done, just not so large. Right? Wrong.  They all broke down and went back for seconds.

As a junior in high school, Paul found out that his mom was the best supplier of drugs "for sex". The doctor prescribed drugs for this ailment and another set for something else. And by taking just 1 tablet every two days, Paul wound up with a very good supply. But it was Sean who came up with the idea of taking it up a notch.

What started out as a summer yard cleaning business for teenage kids, moved into "pool cleaning" and then "car washing". Of course, every kid has to go to the bathroom so the moms just said go in, which they did. After weeks of this, the trust was there and the mom's schedules became well known. If a mom went to the store, Sean would show up just before she left asking to use the bathroom. "Oh here's the key, just lock up when you're done". And that's how keys are made.

Now, with the keys, they could enter at any time and take their time looking around. Two things became apparent, every house had a well stocked bar, and they always found the "mom's" stash. Neither one could remember which of the moms was the first to get caught "smoking" by them. Or the "please don't tell anyone" they would always say.

And of course the "Oh don't worry, I smoke it sometime too".

Then it happened, a mom became very friendly and asked "Sean, you wouldn't just happen to have any pot on you would you? My friend doesn't have any more".

And Sean would respond "Well I just have two joints with me, but I could look around if you would like". And that's how it started.  Paul and Sean, seniors in high school, started supplying their friends' moms with pot. Unknowingly, the moms were then supplying Sean and Paul with the drugs their daughter's wanted. As for the sons, they had to come up with the "cash".

Now being 5'11" 175 rock solid lbs, Paul could get any girl at school but it didn't stop there. Many of the moms hit on him as well. Then over a bottle of Jack, it was agreed, Paul could have the moms if Sean could have the daughters.

However, that was years ago and today, Paul's "client list" made him one of the top suppliers to the Engineers of Silicon Valley. His motto was simple "You want it, we'll get it". He would supply anything and with business booming, Paul needed help to deliver and Sean, well, he needed a place to stay.

It had been 4 hours since he was checked out of the hospital and he had been walking around the hospital grounds when Paul pulled up and honked. It had been a long walk and felt good to loosen up a little.  Most people as they passed by didn't notice him but those that did, just stopped, and stared.

As Paul walked up, his reaction to Sean's appearance was simple "Boy she really [email protected]#ed you up Dude".

Sean's reaction was just as simple "A [email protected]#ing Porsche?"

"Yea… Don't you just love it?" Paul got it the day before. It was all Jet black with top down and music up loud. And that's how they were when they hit Interstate 280 (I-280) North to San Francisco.

I-280 had been finished a couple years before and it connected San Jose with San Francisco. It ran along just to the west of San Francisco Peninsula for most of its route. In addition, it was given the name of Junipero Serra Freeway and was known as the "World's Most Beautiful Freeway". It also had another advantage; it was 57 miles of straight, high speed, two-lane freeway. As Paul opened up the Porsche, he said, "It's party time, Dude" and handed Sean a 6 pack.

Through much of this segment, the freeway runs just inside the eastern rim of the canyon of the San Andreas Fault. A particularly attractive six-mile (ten kilometer) stretch of the freeway between Hillsborough to Belmont provides a beautiful look at Crystal Springs Reservoir that was formed by 158 miles long water pipe from Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite National Park. Halfway between this seven mile long lake is a 26-foot (8 m) high faux-sandstone statue of Father Serra kneeling and pointing over the freeway. It was just before this that Paul backed the Porsche down from 140mph and braked for the off ramp to Highway 92 that would take them west to the Pacific Ocean and the city of Half Moon Bay.

It was less than 6 miles as the crow flies but with the traffic going 25mph and the one lane road, it would take 30 minutes. As they wound their way up to the top of the foothills, Paul executed a hard left turn and parked the Porsche in a turn out tourists use for sightseeing.

"What's up dude" Sean asked.

"I got to pee" and Paul did, right there. "Hey, look around; I want you to remember this area. I mean memorize it - the terrain, the directions, everything. This is the north end of 92. It goes north and south along the top of the mountain range. The local's call this Skyline Blvd and you are going be driving it from now on. We grow everything to the west of it and we sell everything to the east of it. And the back road will become your friends". After zipping up his pants, he said, "Hey, I need to ask. Can you see to drive?"

"Shit yea. I'm a great driver. I…" but the truth finally hit. He didn't really know any longer. "Look, she really [email protected]#ed me up. My hands won't stop shaking. I have headaches. And I'm scared to know what it's going to feel like when this shit I'm on wears off. Shit, I don't know anything any longer. Look at me!"

"Yea, I was going to say something about that" as he tossed Sean another beer. "We got to get you some clothes, those really suck". Paul also got the answer to his question; Sean dropped the beer. His depth perception and focus was shot.

As Paul pulled back on to 92 west, the ride west was silent until they hit the Pacific Coast Highway. "Welcome to Half Moon Bay. Oh, this is the closest fast food area. We're heading north. Oh, this is also called Route 1, or Pacific Coast Highway or Cabrillo Highway. However, the locals just call it PCH or 1"

"Hey, can I ask? How many people do you sell to now?

"Oh, about 1,300 total, but I have about 140 steady clients that take most of the product when I get it."

"Dumb question? How do you remember where everyone lives or what they want?"

"Oh… that's simple. I keep a log of everyone's transactions so I know what they want, when they want it, and how much they are willing to pay for it." Then Paul handed him a black book. In it contained the names, dates, addresses, and phone numbers of his clientele. Now Sean would have no problem locating and delivering the product to them.




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