James Catanich


Author (1956-)

James Catanich is an author of thrillers, mysteries, and more. His first successful series featured engineer Robert Contie.

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Robert Contie

Robert Contie worked for many DoD companies in So California and struggled financially for nine years before giving it up.

After the disastrous three years in Santa Clara, he worked undercover as DIA Agent PRODDER before his cover was blown.

This led to his twelve year stint as a DIA Senior Agent before medical retirement. Contie returned to private practice as an Internet Nerd and continued to consult for the DIA and the FBI as needed. However, WikiLeaks brought his name to the public's attention, ending his career.

Robert Contie was born in Chicago, IL but grew up on the beach in South Laguna CA. His mother died of a heart attack when he was 16; his father, remarried three years later where he moved out. He was 19.

He had one older sister; deceased that was killed in a drive-by shooting that was never solved.

His first wife, Maria was a registered nurse. He had three children; Ellen, Christopher, and Janelle.

Robert Contie has another son, Robert Jr and his mother, Debora Christine Jenner was a teacher at the Marmara Koleji, Bodrum, Turkey. They never married.