James Catanich

Author (1956-)

James Catanich, (born September 20, 1956, Chicago, IL, U.S.), American novelist who created the techno-thriller — a suspenseful series of novels that relies on extensive knowledge of technology and espionage.

About James Catanich
"Never sweat the small stuff... The big stuff will keep you busy"
Jim Catanich

About James Catanich

James was born in Chicago, IL but grew up on the beach in South Laguna, California. With an education in computer science (BSCS) and electronic engineering (BSEE), "Jim" worked at numerous DoD and Industrial companies in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and Dallas.

In November 1997, Catanich shifted to domestic internet marketing with clients that make up Dallas Fort Worth who's who list where he remains today as Owner, President, and "Chief Cook & Bottle Washer". He took early retirement to write a book in 2004 but the retirement didn't last long.

"Over the years, I've been blessed with meeting and watching very gifted people make bad decisions which inevitably caused major damage to their companies, families, and themselves. This is where I get many of my ideas from."

His new protagonist, Robert Contie, DIA is the character that walks thru these incidents so we can look more closely at the decisions, their affects, and if lucky maybe be there when they are made.

His first novel, PC499c - Theft of Trade Secrets (Graybar, 2013) is an example of the people he has met; and when finally allowed to - tell their stories. This is the first of a series featuring thirty two year old Robert Contie as he enters the service of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

This work put forth the startling theory that the Great Spies of the 1985's "year of the spy" were really women, and was greeted upon publication with what has been described as "a firestorm of controversy". "The only spy that you know about was the one that was caught".

Catanich and his partner, Marsha of 20+ years, reside in Wylie, Texas with their three dogs, Chloe, Cokie and Chico. With a combined three daughters and one son, he now has five grand kids that he spends his spare time with.

As an avid chief, "There is nothing better than having 12 people over for a five course dinner. Oh just bring wine and no, I don't know what I'm making yet. It will depend on what's on sale today."

An avid photographer, currently he is using a Nikon D90 with the best lens "that Marsha will allow him to buy". There is nothing better than having people over for a birthday party and 2,000 shots later they finally stop saying "get that out of my face!" Yea, his second coming might be as a Paparazzi, but for now, he shoot landscape, nature and children's eyes.

Fast Facts

Born September 20, 1956

Born in Chicago, IL

Raised in South Laguna, CA when there was still sea life...

Now lives in Wylie, TX


Philosophy In Life

"Dogs have taught me most of what I now enjoy

  • Unconditional love,
  • Fall asleep when and wherever I want,
  • Drinking from an old watering hole,
  • And to roll in the hay whenever I can.

Oh, a scratch behind the ears is nice too."


Favorite Quote

"Twenty years from now, we will be more disappointed by the things we didn't do than by the ones we did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover!" - Mark Twain

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