The Silicon War Trilogy

All great spy stories that are told in books or on TV have action, explosions, and lots & lots of gun fights. Agents are out to save the world and their successful reward is they get the girl.

However in the real world, success is a completed mission where no one finds out. There is no media; no bands; and no thank you. It's just your job.

But a simple mistake will lead to your failure. Then someone will find out; media tells their stories; people gossip; police are called; and everyone disavows knowing anything about you. You quickly find that you are left standing alone by yourself - in the cold. This is where normal people will run and hide... Well this is the "Historical Fiction" stories of people that aren't normal. They just have a job to do!

Semiconductor engineer Robert Contie volunteers to go undercover to verify an old friend is not a KGB spy. He then enters the secret realm of espionage where real spies go about their business in secret. He quickly finds that every day across America, real spies are obtaining, delivering, transmitting, communicating, or receiving secret information about our national defense with the intent to harm the United States.

Watch as Contie's life is turned upside down as he steps into the middle of The Silicon Valley War between Intel and National only to find out his old friend is KGB and is invited in.

"A non-stop, Techno-action drama! Right out of the Silicon Valley headlines! Catanich manages to ratchet up the suspense on this never see it coming ending."

A little bit about the series...

From 1977 to 1984, the KGB successfully penetrated DOD and Silicon Valley with layers and layers of agents whose mission was to obtain military and commercial secrets relating to the fledgling semiconductor industry. They stole hardware, software, semiconductor chip designs, tooling, and top secret documents. They were so brazen at it, that even stole a major semiconductor company and then bought four banks to finance it.

These are the stories of the pushback by a clandestine federal agency assigned to penetrate and disrupt this on-slot.

Their orders were simple: "Anything goes!"

What people are saying about us...

"An action packed real life drama that unfolds the events of the Silicon War between Intel and National and how the KGB took advantage of it. Excellent background information used to setup the time frame of 1978 and what started the war. It's right out of the headlines, courtroom, and a spy novel." -- Gray Bar Books

"If you think your ideas are yours? Think again. This true story was the beginning of taking your ideas away from you." -- John Gray, Intellectual Property attorney

"In the world of 15 second sound bites and tweets, this novel shows the real world of 'operational fog' and why that 15 second first impression is always wrong. It will repeatedly lead you to a wrong assumption. During WWW2, they called this 'propaganda', today we call it 'spin'". -- Jody Blair