Dr. Eugene Wyszynski

Oncology & Hematology

At THOCPA, Dr. Eugene Wyszynski understands that a cancer diagnosis changes everything in your life. When you're with THOCPA, you will find the advanced care, compassion and the support you need, all from a team of experts dedicated to getting you through this next phase of your life.

And that's just the beginning.

Dr. Eugene J. Wyszynski

World class cancer care. Personalized Treatment.

At Texas Hematology Oncology Centers, Dr. Gene Wyszynski and Dr. Dennis H. Birenbaum believes there isn't just one way to beat cancer there are hundreds. With over 50 years of combined experience in the care of cancer patients, they've been committed to finding the right combination of personalized cancer treatments for their patients.

"Dr. Wyszynski is a brilliant diagnostician and caregiver who has humility and compassion. I heard him arguing with an insurance carrier to give someone authorization to see another oncologist who specialized in a needed treatment modality he did not use. I knew at that moment he cares about people and not ego or money. I do a lot of research about my illness. He reads and considers what I find, and will use the information when sound. He is fabulous!"

Advanced Treatment Planning

Together with you and your caregivers, Dr. Wyszynski develops an integrated treatment plan that's right for you. He works hand-in-glove with a dedicated group of surgeons, radiation oncologists and other specialists to deliver advanced cancer treatment including new targeted drug therapies. At the same time, he'll support you with therapies to boost your immune system, reduce pain and side effects, and improve your ovreall quality of life.


Our continued relationship with MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center in Houston, TX has helped us consistently ranked among the best oncology centers in North Texas. There's great comfort to our patients in knowing that, if need be, we are either on or know the faculty of the best hospitals in Texas.

What they say

"The Second Opinion Should Have Been My First"

Listen to the stories about their journey and challenges through their cancer treatment.

Taking Control Of Cancer

Dr. Eugene Wyszynski takes great pride not only in the warmth and comfort of his private office setting avoiding the sterile feeling of so many clinics, but in his 24/7/365 availability he give his patients, so that they always can speak with to him about their care or the handling of any issue.

Dr. Eugene Wyszynski will never give up. He will give you the most advanced treatment options available so you can take control of the disease and improve your quality of life.

"God sent I love the staff and Doctors !!!!! Took great care of me. Dr. Birenbaum is the best!!!"
Magnolia Flor Salinas

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