Search Engine Marketing Overview

Imagine trying to hit a pin-sized target in a pitch-black auditorium. Or looking for a quarter-carat diamond hidden someplace in Yosemite National Park. Or locating a single grain of sand on the beach.

Each day, most of the web sites ask their prospective customer to this very thing and then ask why, what is wrong.

If I Build It, Will They Find Me?

The answer is simple -- No

To design a web site is only one component that is need to be successful and if the web design was not based on a solid, well planned Search Engine Marketing plan, then the performance of the web site is going to less than acceptable.

Having brilliant graphics or Flash will not get you traffic. That's sex appeal and it will not make you money. Creating the best programmed web site or using the newest software tools won't do it either. You must be seen by the Google Search Engines and you must show up at one of the first five positions of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) if you want to be successful.

It is not enough to simply add META tags, keyword stuff or do search engine submission of your site to a million search engine indexes and directories. That's old school. It is a step by step process that require detailed planning, solid research, excellent programming and patience.

A good first step is to understand that converting visitors into customers is a process that includes many elements. It cannot be accomplished by throwing more visitors at a bad web site; nor will you garner much success from a functional web site that can't be found. The key is to attract the "right" visitors (those who actually have an interest in what you provide), and then provide them with meaningful content that will both educate them and compel them to contact you. This is called Search Engine Marketing. And that is what we do.

Search Engine Marketing

The objective of Search Engine Marketing is to increase web visitor counts by ranking very high in the SERPs using the most appropriate keywords describing the content of your site. This relative ranking is often viewed as a struggle for the best use a few keywords, instead of a struggle to out-do your competition. Simply put, if you search on your target keywords, you will see the leading site in the rankings. All you need to do now is to be better than that number one site. No one else matters.

These series of page will suggest ways to organize, optimize and improve search engine results with ranking and placement advice, placement hints, tips, and clues to improve your search engine keywords relative to existing leaders. After all, better keyword ranking is your real objective and the key to designing the most cost effective search engine marketing program is to focus on the areas that will achieve the best results.

The majority of the time, this means designing campaigns that target Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These three search engines directly or indirectly service over 95% of the search volume in the United States. However, Google in 2019 was reported to now have 92% market share of the search market.

Our goal is to design programs that will generate the most quality visitors at the lowest possible cost... typically a blend of organic site optimization (65%) and pay per click advertising (35%). All of these search engines utilize both paid and organic (free) rankings.

At Catanich, we uses our proven Search Engine Marketing techniques to rank more sites and pages in more top positions than anyone in Texas. Our cutting-edge strategies are currently used by companies including FedEx, Texas Instruments, JCPenney, Nortel, PriorityHoldings, and Laseraid. Catanich has some of the most sought after partnerships and affiliations in the SEO industry. This gives us a competitive edge over our competition, so we can give you a competitive edge over yours.

Search Engine Optimization

So what is Search Engine Optimization really? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of search as it relates to marketing on the web. It is mostly technical in nature, combining programming with business, persuasion, sales, and a love for competitive puzzle solving into a written form capable of maintaining desired revenue goals while achieving high rankings in the organic sections of search engine results pages (SERPs).

It is not just technical, nor copywriting, nor links, nor just search engine submission, but an intricate blend of over a hundred variables into the fabric of a website. It is difficult to accomplish without a formal proven methodology.