COVID-19 Policy

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Dear Catanich Customers,

As the impact of COVID-19 grows, we think it is important that you hear directly from us about the safety measures and operational changes we have enacted to keep you and our employees safe.

Our focus remains on the health and safety of our employees and customers while doing our part to restrict the spread of disease. We know it is critical for us to be transparent with information, and to be as proactive and responsive as we can be.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Our employees strictly adhere to our Standard Operating Procedures at the highest level of compliance. Additionally, touch points such as our coffee machines, door handles, restrooms, keypads, trash receptacles and any self-service dispensers are cleaned and sanitized at an increased frequency.

Hand washing and glove changing have been a mandated in our standard operating procedures, but we have enhanced these protocols with an addition of hand sanitizer.

Employee Health and Wellness

We continue to reinforce our policy for employees reporting illness. Locations report directly to corporate if an employee is suspected to have been exposed to COVID-19, and we are ensuring those employees do not come to work. If there is concern for an employee, be it COVID-19 exposure or suspected illness, we work with local health department to sanitize and close location as necessary.

We have implemented face masks for store employees across all of our locations and continue to promote social distancing within our locations.

Serving our Customers with Limited Contact

The biggest adjustment for our brand has been the shift to a more digitally driven business model, as well as the introduction of contactless pickup and curbside delivery of hard copy deliverables.

Office hours and operations vary slightly, but all of our locations offer a mix of pickup (via online ordering), delivery and curbside. We continue to adhere to government mandates and local guidelines for small business operations in each jurisdiction we operate, but as states begin to reopen businesses, we assure you we will act with your best interest and safety in mind, maintaining social distancing measures and continuing to make cleanliness a top priority.

Health of our Business

As the COVID-19 crisis began to unfold in early March, we quickly recognized it served as an existential threat to our business and the livelihoods of our 30-plus employees, consultants, and contractors. Our main priority was and remains to take actions that ensure our business remains solvent during and after this crisis, protecting the jobs of our employees in the process. The following actions have been taken to safeguard our company and employees:

  1. We transitioned to a fully digital sales format in order to meet demand from our customers and to save jobs. All members of our team now work from home on a project by project basic. And Zoom has become our mainstay of communication.
  2. An immediate decision was made to maintain a full compensation as possible for our full time team members throughout this crisis.
  3. Our onsite client members are expected to follow the client’s Covid-19 policies to the letter except when our team members’ health is at risk. When this occurs, a virtual home relationship is sternly recommend to be formed with the client.

While our business has been significantly and materially impacted by this crisis, we remain committed to providing the best experience we can. And we are seeing improvement. Our employees continue to show why they are the best in the business, upholding our brand promise in the most difficult of circumstances. We are humbled, and couldn’t be prouder of our team members.

This situation continues to change daily and as such, we will continue to follow the guidance provided by the CDC and local health departments. In addition, we promise to do all that we can to keep our team members, customers and the community safe – all while delivering you the best digital experience we can.

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate this challenging time.


The Catanich Family

Founders, Catanich Internet Marketing