The Web Page Audit

Getting your website to rank in Google is harder and more competitive than ever. There are many factors such as on page SEO elements, page content, page speed load times, and back-link profile that search engines like Google use to determine which sites should rank highest.

The Page Audit is where we perform a detailed website analysis across 100+ website data points resulting in a list of clear and actionable recommendations you can take to improve your online presence.

  • We provide an easy to follow report on your website calling out what's good and what's not
  • We provide a clear, step by step list of objectives for how to improve your website.

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"What you did ten years ago might have been great, but does your website design meet today standards?"

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The Error type

These are common errors or bad design practices that will harm your ranking with Google. These errors are a "must fix" issue.

  • Contains broken links (error code 4xx)
  • Contains broken links (error code 5xx)
  • Links to inaccessible pages
  • Empty page titles
  • Duplicate page titles

The Warning type

These issues have a negative influance or ranking impact on a page. However, we look for a trends within the web design or a common issue that all pages have.

  • Duplicate pages
  • Duplicate content
  • Duplicate meta description
  • Body text is missing
  • Body text contains too little content
  • No crawler allowed
  • Only some crawlers allowed
  • Canonical URL links to external domain
  • Canonical tag used in body
  • Canonical tag used twice
  • Click depth too high
  • Links to HTTP version
  • Links to WWW version
  • Too many internal links
  • Temporary redirect
  • Meta description empty
  • Meta description too short
  • Meta description too long
  • Meta description missing important words
  • Meta refresh used
  • Meta viewport not used
  • Duplicate meta tag
  • File size too big
  • Title too short
  • Title too long
  • Title too wide
  • Title missing important words
  • Title tag used twice
  • URL invalid
  • URL contains too many parameters
  • URL too long

The Notice type

And there are the critical design issues that are just bad practices but won't harm the page or site

  • Link anchor text missing important words
  • H1 tag do not share words with title
  • H1 tag empty
  • H1 tag missing
  • H1 tag missing important words
  • IMG alt problems
  • Meta robots: none
  • Meta robots: nofollow
  • Meta robots: noindex
  • Meta robots: nosnippet
  • Redirect (HTTP code 301)
  • Redirect (HTTP code 303)
  • Redirect (HTTP code 307)
  • Broken links (HTTP code 403, authentication needed)
  • Meta refresh to the same page
  • URL contains upper case letters
  • Relative link to domain name
  • Canonical tag used
  • Facebook Open Graph URL is not canonical URL
  • Internal links use nofollow attribute

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