Backlink Audit Report

Who has linked to you and are the links helpful?

Discover and remove potentially dangerous backlinks

The Backlink Audit provides you with an in-depth look at your domain's backlinks and helps in securing your SEO link building efforts from Google penalties.

Backlinks are an important part in optimizing your SEO. But while good backlinks can have a positive impact on your SEO, poor backlinks can have the opposite effect. If Google sees suspicious backlinks pointing to your website, they may decide to penalize you for employing black-hat SEO tactics.

"Today in the competitive SEO environment, links to your site is 70% of the game. Done right, you will succeed! Done wrong, you can harm your website seriously. Only the backlink audit will tell you the truth!"
James Catanich

The Key Metrics

There is a series of key metrics that we look at . This will give us a good idea on how to proceed with the link building campaign.

  • Number of Incoming Links
  • Number of Root Domains
  • Number of Outbound Links
  • Anchor Text Distribution
  • Use of the "nofollow" link attribute
  • Domain Authority - MOZ Page Trust
  • Page Authority(s) - MOZ Page Authority
  • Link Distribution To Internal Pages
  • Use of the "nofollow" link attribute
  • Equity / Non Equity Passing Link Spread
  • Internal / External Link Spread
Dallas Backlink Audit Service

Manual Google Penalty(s)

Manual penalties are issued by Google's Spam team for violations of their terms of service. Google demand all toxic links are found and removed before they remove this penalty. Careful analysis of the links will need to be carried out then a painful outreach process will need to be undertaken to get those toxic links actually removed prior to a reconsideration request.

Manual penalties are issues by Google Spam team, These are less common than the several types algorithmic penalties, often these are severe and the impact is usually across the entire site, taking a website usually top of its sector and being removed from Google results (SERPS's), if not totally removed from google Search Engine, then past page 10.

Usually manual penalties are followed by an email to the sites Web Master Tools account, stating manual action has been taken. Unlike Algorithmic penalties, there is no expiry time, only a reconsideration request sent to Google once a full link audit has been carried out and the offending links has been removed.

A manual penalty is issued if Google "believe" that the website in question has been manipulated to rank higher in the results pages. Breaking Google's Guidelines.

Google will provide just 1 or 2 links of the dozens, hundreds or even thousands they believe are UN natural. For example paid links, excessive exchanged links or guest blog posting, to name just a few, did you know many years ago paid links was considered natural?

Algorithmic Google Penalty

Algorithmic penalties are automatically applied if toxic links are discovered by Google's Algorithms. Once these penalties are applied they will expire automatically only after the toxic links have been removed, and then only after specific durations. Once trust has been lost on a domain, specialist care is necessary to fully recover that domain to full health!

The Well Formed Link

A Well Formed External Link are hyperlinks that point at (target URL) any domain other than the domain the link exists on (source).

A Well Formed Internal Link is hyperlinks that point at (target URL) a page within your domain.

In layman's terms, if another website links to you, this is considered an external link to your site. Similarly, if you link out to another website, this is also considered an external link. However if you link to a page within your site, it's considered an internal link.

Code Sample

Link Anchor Text

Optimal Format

Use descriptive keywords in anchor text that reflect the same topic or keywords the target page is trying to target. It's not necessary to use the same keyword text every time - in fact, doing so can trigger spam detectors. Instead, strive for a variety of anchor text that enhances context and usability for your users and for search engines, as well.

Use "nofollow" tags

Together with Yahoo! and MSN, Google introduced the "nofollow" HTML microformat several years ago, and the attribute has been widely adopted. Any link with the rel="nofollow" attribute will not be used to calculate PageRank or determine the relevancy of your pages for a user query. For example, if a spammer includes a link in your comments like this:

< a href="https: //">This is a nice site!

it will get converted to:

< a href="https: //" rel="nofollow">This is a nice site!

This new link will not be taken into account when calculating PageRank. This won't prevent spam, but it will avoid problems with passing PageRank and deter spammers from targeting your site. By default, many blogging sites (such as Blogger) automatically add this attribute to any posted comments.

Send toxic backlinks to the Google Disavow tool

If the links can't be removed even after contacting the website's owner, you need to send them to the Google Disavow tool. You can do it easily in the Backlink Audit interface. Just move the link to the Disavow list, export it and send it to the Google Disavow tool with no additional edits needed!

Expert tip: If your risk of being penalized by Google is extremely high, our SEO experts recommend disavowing the links immediately, even before contacting the website's owner.