James Catanich
FEBRUARY 29, 2012


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Salon At Edon Court

Located in Allen, Texas, the Salon At Edon Court is an oasis of relaxation and pampering. It offers its own facial mask and body scrub products, gift certificates, and accommodations for entire spa parties. Because when you think, "day of peace and quiet," you think, "Party!" But don’t worry, they provide the wine! With beauty and bath salts as their guides, the designers at Catanich Internet Marketing incorporated the website's layout with plenty of greens and browns, wish lists and gift certificates, and helpful tools and links throughout. The home page features a jQuery slideshow of colorful photos that emulate the calm aesthetic at Edon Court.

It also accents opportunities, or calls to action, which include inviting links to the store and current and/or upcoming specials. With an easy-to-use message form under the Contact link, Edon Court can receive any questions and/or comments from anyone at any time. They also provide their phone number and address for, most likely, quicker contact. Catanich has implemented Edon Court's own products into the website: A’la Mode Products. These are sold under the Store link, along with other spa packages for couples, extra time for specific sauna activities, and personal esthetic treatments. Catanich Internet Marketing’ work on The Salon At Edon Court website shows that they are in-touch with the idea of exactly showing not only what a business has to offer, but also what a customer can and should expect upon visiting that business.

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