Speed Matters!

By James Catanich
06/20/2015 08:00:00

Google has stated that the mobile web page load time matters in how your web site will rank in their search engine results page [SERP]. In fact Google has stated that fast loading web site design pages will rank higher than slow ones.

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Now many sceptics will say "it really doesn't matter". Well, pick up your smart phone, access the internet and see how long it takes for your web site to load. If it takes longer than 5 seconds, you are costing that prospective customer money. Oh... longer than 10 seconds, most prospective customer will have left by now. Check your Google Analytics results and I bet you bounce rate is very high.

"Yep! Another possible lost sale!"

So let Catanich run a free web page speed test for you. Just email me a request, I'll email you back the results. Then have a talk with you current webdesigner about it. Oh, our phone number is (214) 762-8208 when you get the run-around from them.