Rita Shalimar – Another Responsive Design Success for Catanich

By James Catanich
OCTOBER 9, 2012


Rita Shalimar –

Rita Shalimar –

At Catanich Internet Marketing, we have the pleasure of working with all types of businesses: online stores, tech companies, informational resources, and even the occasional restaurant. Case in Point: Rita Shalimar. The restaurant, owned by proprietor Rita Guterious, specializes in fine New Mexico cuisine, made from farm-fresh local produce and assembled to perfection, guaranteed to satisfy any appetite.

On their menu, you'll find such delectable options as "Burgundy braised short ribs with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, thyme demi and horseradish sauce." Or you might try the "Pan roasted Alaskan halibut with pea puree, fingerling potatos confit, pickled carrots & balsamic creme fraiche." No matter what you try at this classy eatery, you’re guaranteed to experience true culinary bliss.

When we began our work with Shalimar, the company was already working with a graphic design team. The designers reached out to Catanich to implement a custom WordPress development using responsive design, and Catanich was up to the task. We developed their site using .PSD files that the designers submitted to us, and we implemented custom fonts, styling and graphics.

The Shalimar site now features menus, custom contact forms, personal bios, special event announcements and even email integration, but its greatest feature is arguably its responsive design. At Catanich, we believe in staying on the cutting edge of new technologies, and our developers have been using responsive design to create desktop and mobile-friendly websites for many of our clients in recent months.

As the digital landscape evolves, and more people are surfing the web on mobile devices, it's becoming absolutely crucial that websites have responsive design capabilities. In other words, a website must appear presentable and user-friendly on any web-enabled device, regardless of its shape or size. Now, when people visit the Rita Shalimar, they can experience the full benefit of responsive design.

Despite the short turnaround time and complex design demands, we completed the project without a hitch and are proud of the finished result. You can now visit the website yourself and view everything from press clipping to menu items. Check out the fully intuitive web pages, and if you’re ever in Santa Fe, experience Shalimar for yourself.

To see more, check out Shalimar.com.