The Mobile Client

By James Catanich
09/15/2017 08:00:00

Starting in 2015, Mobile phone searchs exceeded desk top searches!

87% of of Californians own a smart phone. 93% of New Yorkers own a smart phone.

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The Mobile Client

Today, 90% of smart-phone owning Americans use their phones to surf the Web, check e-mail or look for products & directions according to the latest study from the 2014 Pew Internet & American Life Project. That's double the amount from 2009, when only 1/3 of people said they used their phones to go online.

"When your smartphone makes it so easy to connect to the Internet, why bother firing up a clunky desktop or laptop computer?" In fact, desk top computer sales have plummeted in the past 3 years.

Phones aren't just an alternate way to send off a quick e-mail. According to Pew, 21% use their devices as their only way to access the Internet. That's now more than PCs and tablets combined. Today, targeting the smartphone segment should become the highest priority in your Internet Marketing strategy.