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The Mobile Client

Starting in 2015, Mobile phone searches exceeded desk top searches! 87% of of Californians own a smart phone. 93% of New Yorkers own a smart phone.

Today, 97% of smart-phone owning Americans use their phones to surf the Web...

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Speed Matters!

Google has stated that the mobile web page load time matters in how your web site will rank in their search engine results page [SERP]. In fact Google has stated that fast loading web site design pages will rank higher...

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The luxury of Mobility Marketing

Effective digital advertising remains deeply rooted in the idea of differentiating your brand.

To address this marketing goal, successful mobile internet marketing embraces a structured...

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Mobile Point of Sale

It's here! Think how 'Location Tagging', 'Mobile Coupons', 'Short Message Service (SMS)' campaigns and surveys could tap into the large, more passionate, pre-existing communities of interested users. Mobile advertising is also indexed for...

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Geo-Targeted Advertising

Unless you have plans and budget to dominate the world, your AdWords pay-per-click advertising shouldn't be seen by everyone on the planet. It's much more strategic to focus you're advertising on counties, cities, or even city blocks that...

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Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design relates to the concept of developing one website design in a manner that changes it's lay out according to the user's computer screen's resolution. More precisely, this design concept allows the design to show up on wide screen dest top computer and change the width to fit the smart phone formats....

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Local Search Optimization

Today, many local businesses are overwhelmed by the variety of marketing choices available. Unlike the old days when a small handful of print advertising outlets would cover the majority of your audience, the sheer volume...

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