AMP-Images Error Message

Invalid use of AMP tags

This message is recieved from Google Search Console's AMP section stating that the AMP page failed due to a missing or incorrect URIs to the image. However, it doesn't report the exact location or specific image. This can be found by using CROME in design mode. It flags all AMP errors for you.

AMP-Images Notes

What I've learned so far.

When you receive an AMP error from Search Console it can be fixed easily. However, it will take a very long time for the Error to go away and the page to get AMP certified. ALWAYS!!! use the Chrome browser in design mode to review the web page. It will do the AMP systex checking there and save you a great deal of fustration waiting around for Google to reprocess the page.

Missing AMP Image

Recieved this message (44 times) because of a missing "default" image URL location coding error. When fixed, it was 4 weeks before the Search Console updated the pages.