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We Believe in Straight Talk

We are NOT:

  • Smooth talkers, trade show performers or pitch artists
  • In a hurry or pushy
  • Fluent in technical jargon (i.e. technical jargon Gobbledygook)
  • In the business of making false promises


  • Technical. Some call us nerds.
  • Experienced. We'll show you it working not tell you how it might work.
  • Authentic, We're real people who genuinely love what we do!
  • Willing to take the necessary time to understand you, your company, and your needs.
  • Able to give real world explanation to the "what if" scenarios you have.
  • Strive to give frank, honest, and realistic expectations so you can make sound business decisions for your company

Our Quirks

Since you are still reading this, here are a few things that might make us a bit quirky:

  • We are a highly responsive SOHO (virtual / home office). See, we're skilled enough to work from anywhere (including your office) that has an internet connection. Anyway, the project margins are higher this way and without the overhead, our prices can be lower.
  • We have office dogs named "Chloe" & "Chico". A guard bird named "Popito".
  • We "wrap" up the week together every Sunday at 1pm with a virtual Skype-based team meal.
  • We are snobs about our TexMex, beer and wine choices.
  • We celebrate small accomplishments and big deals with a home cooked meal.
  • We love our clients and take ownership of their projects!

What are clients think about us

See our Testimonials, Reviews & Feedback page

What people are saying...

I am pleased to inform you of additional interest in the progress at Jefferson Industries. Our successful growth has brought about interest from several elected officials. As you recall last year the mayor and several local officials came for a tour.
Brenda Snyder