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Why is Catanich Internet Marketing considered one of the best in the business? Read what past clients have said about how our expertise has changed the way they do business online forever.

Testimonials, Reviews & Feedback - Catanich Internet Marketing


"We have been working for over a year with Catanich and they have been fantastic! Their prices are great and service is even better. They are very responsive to any needs that you have. Their products have been great and they offer a wide-array opportuniti"
Wade B
"Catanich anticipated and created several fabulous features for the website that were not even included in our RFP."
Jack Lee
"Thanks to Jim, our CPA from AdWords PPC has improved by over 40% in less than 2 months. Catanich's AdWords campaign has also boosted our sales volume significantly. They were extremely responsive to our needs and their communication was top-notch. Great "
Daniel Cook
"They were professional, innovative, and very knowledgeable. They also were on schedule for the entire project. They made everything so easy for us with choices of different designs and insight as to how everything should work. It was a wonderful experien"
Robyn Messerschmidt
"Our problems were specific. We had two versions of the home page as well as loads of pdf files. None of these could be taken down and posed a problem for the SEO companies. That is before we pitched to Catanich. They made no bones about it and as a re"
Fernando Hernandez
"I highly recommend Jim for web design and SEO, he is very easy to work with, listens to your ideas and then brings them to completion. "
Tammy D. Reynolds
"What separates Catanich Internet Marketing from any other SEO company is transparency, professionalism and results."
James Thompson
"I will always appreciate him going out of his way spending long nights to meet my time crunch for our company launch. When I had certain ideas but was unsure how to create what was in my head he helped make them concrete and functional."
Benjamin Gonzalez
"Firstly, I would like to thank the entire team for their hard work. Whenever we needed advice or help, they were always at hand to provide us with this advice. Whether it was through base camp or skype calls, we always got prompt replies from Catanich. An"
Ava Young
"Working with Jim has been a pleasure. The work done by the Catanich team and their understanding of digital marketing landscape helped expand our outreach."
Geetika Dayal
"Great return on investment"
Avery Nguyen
"Working with Catanich was an important decision for us. The site was new and we were scheduled to launch a massive cross-media campaign in a few months. Beyond rankings, we also wanted to dominate brand name and related term searches. It was a fast track "
Dennis Ng
"We LOVE the content management system that comes as part of the website. We are not technical, so it is a pleasure being able to update our information without getting help. It has saved us a huge amount of time."
Robert Boulds
"Building the website all happened seamlessly, it really was a great process. It was nice to go through the process with someone as experienced and also passionate about what they do. I could just see that he was committed to the job and having the best ou"
Noah Phillips
"With Catanich Internet Marketing, we got prompt responses to our emails and phone calls, regular updates in regards to what had been accomplished in the previous month and loved the trackable Google Analytics statistics. No other firm has been able to pr"
Chris Dover
"We came to Catanich with an idea. The guys designed, developed and optimized my site. The rest is a success story worth telling. We went from 0 to 40,000 visitors a day and sold on an average 500 tickets a day within 18 months of the site being launche"
David Jacobs
"What I like best about Catanich is that he is committed to get it right and is a consummate problem solver. He always figured it out and delivered on his promise and on my vision. I'm confident he will deliver for you and your project as well."
Elizabeth Mitchell
"Jim have been fantastic to deal with, there's no doubting his ability."
Pam Simson
"I can't recommend these guys highly enough"
Nancy Harper
"We've only been using Catanich for around 4 months now. We are already noticing great results. Since we are a small business, we rely on cost effective marketing/advertising. Catanich is definitely working out great for us. When we initially took up thei"
Jan Olson
"Under Alex's guidance, something I'd been dreading became kind of fun. The new site he designed has been a huge success for my business. "
Paul Mortlock
"Jim has been fantastic to deal with, there's no doubting his ability in designing web sites. Not only is it beautiful, but it ranks everywhere where we wanted it to."
Joe Banachuck
"Catanich delivered solid top rankings within 4-5 months, even though we are in a very competitive industry and the site was dynamic. We had talked to a zillion SEO companies before deciding on Catanich and were pleasantly surprised by their aggressivenes"
Dave Clemmer
"I wanted to take a moment and let you know how happy we are. You have show great knowledge in regards to SEO best practices as well as optimization strategy and management of the account. Most importantly, you have obtained results, and that "
Ed Dodd
"Jim is a PPC magician. You give him money to spend in AdWords, and he gives you back more in sales. It's as simple as that."
Bob Bolkers
"We are a very small company (less than 10 employees) and the result of having Catanich on our side has kept us healthy. The staff is wonderful and understanding of our needs. Best move we have made. "
Ethan Hernandez
"Jim offered creative and thoughtful design solutions, and met all my deadlines. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented professional to design/develop your web site. "
Marian Kraus
"Catanich's customer service is impeccable!"
Jennifer Sullivan
"Solid rankings within weeks. They said they could do it. They did."
Paul Jenkins
"Catanich offered us the ability of only having to update information on our website and have it automatically update our mobile site. Their CMS is easy to work with and assures us at the Abilene CVB of always having current information on both the intern"
Charlotte Allen
"Within the first two months of taking on Catanich Internet Marketing we saw a 100% increase in our organic traffic and the single biggest increase in revenue. More importantly, Catanich Internet Marketing log all work through Basecamp where I can verify"
Ming Malaykham
"Catanich Internet Marketing has been tremendously easy to work with. Their expertise and personalized service have been invaluable to our business. We highly recommend you contact them today if you are looking for increased exposure on the internet!"
Christ McAllen
"I have been working with Catanich Internet Marketing for over four years now and I have found that they put my company on the map, and in business we know that Google is the only place to be. We reached our SERP placement goals well ahead of schedule due "
Connie Billforth
"Jim is a really solid designer that I have the opportunity to work & collaborate with on a regular basis. Specialized in tweaking photographer websites, he has a great understanding of WordPress, is fast, reliable, fair and communicative. Really impressed"
William Turner
"Catanich took a very challenging RFP with a ton of specifications and pulled it all together very effectively into a clean and elegant design."
Emma Robinson
"Your continued support and aggressive technology have convinced me that signing another optimization contract with Catanich is the best approach in maintaining our edge over the competition. "
Lori Southall
"Catanich's website optimization techniques have increased the number of unique visitors to our website over the past year by 766% and has made a significant difference in the growth of our business."
Jeff Reinstein
"Overall I have had a great experience with Catanich, and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get good quality SEO work done."
Ricky Price
"I have a super support team just a phone call away; I will never feel all alone in the html world again"
Michelle Coleman
"Thanks Catanich , for breathing life into my website full of the walking dead!"
Christopher Whittier
"This is our second season working with Catanich Internet Marketing and must say we are very satisfied with their team's goals and efforts. It's noticeable how much our traffic has increased since we started the last project, as well as rankings in a fe"
Patricia Prates
"We are so happy with the site's results and our ongoing experience, that we have already referred Catanich to industry partners."
Josh Noble
"I would, and have already, recommended Catanich to other businesses. He went above and beyond in helping me create our site and truly trying to understand our needs. He was always patient with changes that needed to be made along the way and with my learn"
Noah Lopez
"Catanich Web Design was formed from the creative team of the Go Travel Sites. We are delighted to be able to offer their services to a broad range of clients. We love that they are part of our office and we get to work with them daily."
Tom Berens
"Please make sure that you thank everyone at Catanich for all of the work they have done, we are very happy with everything and will be recommending your services to anyone that will listen. Pass it on please."
John Budreau
"Search Engine Optimization is a specialized job & Catanich knows it well! They have system in place, they analyze your keywords, suggest you relevant keywords, suggest you copy changes & they make the process fun with simple & easy to understand instructi"
Manoj Kotak
"I had the pleasure of working with Alex, he helped me extensively to build and to design my website. Over the course of time working with Alex, I learned to appreciate his fine work ethic and expertise in design. He shows a great degree of knowledge, pati"
David Coleman
"So, if you want a great professional website, with a pleasant professional experience, you've found your man. Catanich"
Daniel Harris
"Jim priced competitively and then delivered in spades! He has built 2 sites for us, continues to provide outstanding IT support and we have no thoughts whatsoever of going anywhere else with future website work. "
Glenn Daidone