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Why is Catanich Internet Marketing considered one of the best in the business? Read what past clients have said about how our expertise has changed the way they do business online forever.

Testimonials, Reviews & Feedback - Catanich Internet Marketing


"Thanks Catanich , for breathing life into my website full of the walking dead!"
Christopher Whittier
"We've been worked with Catanich to improve our Google rankings. They were able to increase our web exposure and drive more traffic to our website within the first few months of the campaign. They tailored their SEO services to fit our needs, which was gre"
Pam Hall
"Overall I have had a great experience with Catanich, and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get good quality SEO work done."
Ricky Price
"I will always appreciate him going out of his way spending long nights to meet my time crunch for our company launch. When I had certain ideas but was unsure how to create what was in my head he helped make them concrete and functional."
Benjamin Gonzalez
"Jim has been a great help to me dealing with the design and management of a new web site (at 85 it was a steep learning curve). His quick, calm responses to sometimes frantic I don't remember, I don't understand questions were the reason my site was up an"
Paul Barkley
"I highly recommend Catanich as a web designer that is competent, talented and professional. Catanich successfully took on my point of view of my project. By staying engaged, asking questions, and giving suggestions, my vision became his vision. This was i"
Mason Taylor
"Catanich is a true professional and most definitely cares about his customers' needs. Knowing that not everyone is skilled on the web, Catanich has designed an easy-to-use and still contemporary-looking website that allows me to update and keep my website"
Lily Rivera
"Great return on investment"
Avery Nguyen
"We have worked with just about all the SEO companies in the area that are on the front page of Google for the search word SEO. Catanich is not only the most professional and accountable SEO company we have dealt with but they delivers results. The other S"
Jim Walter
"Solid rankings within weeks. They said they could do it. They did."
Paul Jenkins
"This beautifully designed website has put us in touch with vacationers from coast to coast, and from around the world... The daily emails with inquiries about our park have consistently converted into reservations."
Theodore Smith
"He takes great care at getting the finer details right, as well as looking at the big picture, I've already gone back to Jim for a couple of projects. My site's functionality and inbound traffic has doubled ever since Jim handled the redevelopment. "
Nicholas Reid
"Social media with SEO works"
Lucas Thomas
"SEO has provided me with such a great quality product and service that I refer all of my business associates to them. "
Mark Canavarro
"My site has quadrupled their visitors thanks to Catanich. They have adjusted our pages, and given us recommendations to make ourselves. They have made us one of the top timeshare companies in the world. Their account manager for us has been very responsi"
Mike Barton
"To be really honest, I wasn't too sure when you said we can have good rankings within six months. Company formation is intensely competitive and previous SEO companies wanted changes in our site structure Adding social media content was a great idea and "
Hans Jergerson
"I've tried around 5 SEO Companies in the past and most have disappointed. Catanich SEO did not. Although we are an Australian company who primarily compares and rents cars here, we hired Catanich to help improve the SEO of our USA and UK websites. They p"
Richard Eastes
"Within a month you could see the results."
Matthew Lewis
"Catanich has helped us increase rankings and traffic. Thanks"
Guy Harding
"Jim added value at every step of our project, and we soon came to trust his skill, creativity and clear, concise communications. He produced a stellar site for Loop Images within our budget and timeframe. "
Matthieu Paley
"We have been working for over a year with Catanich and they have been fantastic! Their prices are great and service is even better. They are very responsive to any needs that you have. Their products have been great and they offer a wide-array opportuniti"
Wade B
"I honestly hope Catanich is the only developer I work with from now on. I can't begin to recommend him highly enough. He really is the best!"
Kara Leach
"I am one happy SEO client. We are a small business (less than 12 employees) and had wasted thousands on bogus search engine companies in the past... The day I made [the decision to go with Catanich] we were getting about 1600 unique visitors from search "
Pete Werner
"I have worked with several different people and it just seemed like having anyone else do my website would be a pain—Thank you Catanich!"
Tyler Sparks
"Hiring Catanich continues to be one of the best marketing-oriented decisions that I have made to date. Thank you Jim."
Jody Bannerson
"Jim have been fantastic to deal with, there's no doubting his ability."
Pam Simson
"The best SEO team in the world"
Isla Campbell
"After launching the new site, our SEO company expressed surprise that we did not slip in website rank, indicating this was due to a very well designed site."
Brit Mathwich
"What separates Catanich Internet Marketing from any other SEO company is transparency, professionalism and results."
James Thompson
"Jim helped me greatly during the conceptual process, all the while understanding the market my work is geared for, and he made sure I stayed on track to keep the SEO gods happy. He basically laid out a road map. "
Patrick Khachfe
"Achieved significant improvements in our cost per conversion."
Carter Clark
"Catanich delivered solid top rankings within 4-5 months, even though we are in a very competitive industry and the site was dynamic. We had talked to a zillion SEO companies before deciding on Catanich and were pleasantly surprised by their aggressivenes"
Dave Clemmer
"I've worked with Catanich for about 5 years- they have built and maintained many websites for clients of mine. Their communication, follow-through and development knowledge is unbeatable."
Stephanie G
" We have done a comparison with last year's first quarter and the figures are better than double just from email and website inquiries directed from our site… Equally as important to me, is the ease and user- friendly way the process took place."
Donna Benfield
"Working with them was a pleasure as they are very personable but also efficient in getting the work done. I will continue to use them for additional web services as well as refer them at every opportunity to travel industry peers."
Amanda Wilkins
"I love the way it worked out…aesthetically and functionally it's just what I imagined it could be. As he worked on it I kept getting new ideas and changing my mind and he never balked at anything, he was right there with me, making it happen."
Fred Sokolow
"After 6 years of paltry results with our self-managed Adwords campaign, Jim stepped in and put us on the right track in a matter of days... Don't pass up the opportunity to work with him, he's a true professional."
Avery Cox
"I am very impressed with the results we have achieved. Prior to becoming a client of Catanich we were on page 17 of Google for our main search term. Now we rank on 2nd on page 1. This is a great effort, especially considering 1st in wikipedia! "
Robert Benders
"We are a very small company (less than 10 employees) and the result of having Catanich on our side has kept us healthy. The staff is wonderful and understanding of our needs. Best move we have made. "
Ethan Hernandez
"We just completed our new website with Catanich and are so excited to have it live!! It is so professionally done and eye appealing, not to mention how great it looks and works with mobile devices. We tried it on an iPhone and a Droid and it was great on "
Gina O
"Hiring Catanich Internet Marketing continues to be one of the best marketing-oriented decisions that I have made to date."
Nathan Martin
"Supportive and very helpful"
Sophia Green
"Jim is a really solid designer that I have the opportunity to work & collaborate with on a regular basis. Specialized in tweaking photographer websites, he has a great understanding of WordPress, is fast, reliable, fair and communicative. Really impressed"
William Turner
"Jim remains committed to his clients throughout the SEO process by building a solid foundation rather than shooting for a short-term hit. This minimizes the risk of Google blacklisting. Jim never overpromises anything, has a comfortable demeanor, and I re"
Dug Southorton
"Catanich's customer service is impeccable!"
Jennifer Sullivan
" Catanich is simply the best Web Design Company you can work with. They really know their stuff. They are friendly and have the latest in technology trends to keep your business website current and the turnaround time is incredible. The mobile programming"
Katie L Ham
"I love the way you guys work"
Amelia King
"Catanich totally re-did my website, which was prehistoric and very limited. Working together, we made it more modern and added so many functions and uses it's a whole new thing."
Liam Martinez
"After some disappointing experiences with other SEO companies we were extremely lucky to find Catanich. They have transformed our online visibility quicker than we expected and at a very reasonable cost - a great return on investment."
Oden Jenners