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Why is Catanich Internet Marketing considered one of the best in the business? Read what past clients have said about how our expertise has changed the way they do business online forever.

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Testimonials, Reviews & Feedback

"Jim has been fantastic to deal with, there's no doubting his ability in designing web sites. Not only is it beautiful, but it ranks everywhere where we wanted it to." - Joe Banachuck, Rocking Chair Systems, Lake Oswego, OR

"With Catanich Internet Marketing, we got prompt responses to our emails and phone calls, regular updates in regards to what had been accomplished in the previous month and loved the trackable Google Analytics statistics. No other firm has been able to provide us with this level of service and accountability. We have already expanded our business with Catanich and plan on expanding even further. One statement that describes them: "worth every penny". - Chris Dover, Robert Harris Homes, Woodstock, GA

"Jim remains committed to his clients throughout the SEO process by building a solid foundation rather than shooting for a short-term hit. This minimizes the risk of Google blacklisting. Jim never overpromises anything, has a comfortable demeanor, and I really enjoy working with him. I highly recommend Jim Catanich and Catanich Internet Marketing without reservation." - Dug Southorton, Trend Homes, Gilbert, AZ

"I've tried around 5 SEO Companies in the past and most have disappointed. Catanich did not. Although we are an Australian company who primarily compares and rents cars here, we hired Catanich to help improve the SEO of our USA and UK websites. They provided link building from car and travel related websites and advised us through the dreaded Google panda update. Not only did they help boost our international sister sites, but they inadvertently gave our Australian site a rankings boost as well. I would recommend Catanich to both small start-ups and large organizations." - Patricia Bates, TOUSA, Hollywood, FL

"What separates Catanich from any other SEO company is transparency, professionalism and their results." - Jason Turner, Empire Land, Ontario, CA

"Catanich have been a fantastic asset to our online marketing strategy. Over a few years of poorly managed SEO, Jim was able to come on-board and turn our website ranking around. Great reporting processes, taught us Google Analytics. Excellent contact from our assign campaign manager Jill. We will continue to use their services for many years to come!" -Betty Rolston, Turner Dunn, Phoenix , AZ

"After 6 years of paltry results with our self-managed Adwords campaign, Jim stepped in and put us on the right track in a matter of days... Don't pass up the opportunity to work with him, he's a true professional." - Randy, Lexadata Systems, Billerica MA

"We have been working with Catanich for a several months now and they have helped our business & clients out tremendously. We've received tons of new leads, sales and importantly they freed up my time. Hire them and you won't be disappointed!" - Amy Manderson, Simons & Jenkins, St Louis, MO

"I pleased to recommend Catanich Internet Marketing...The only thing I would warn you about Jim is that he is so good you may not be prepared for it internally. So try to keep up with him and get ready for action!" - Ben Summerton, NEC America, Irving, TX

"Their knowledge, enthusiasm and passion is remarkable. It was a pleasure to work with Jim and the team who carefully listened to what we wanted, provided promptly, and now we have a reliable website. Highly recommend these guys!" -Valerie Affleck, Nortel, Richardson, TX

"We chose Catanich because of their professionalism, their systematic approach, and their willingness to adapt to our needs. We've been very happy with the work they've done and would recommend them to anyone looking to succeed with AdWords." -Billie Channing, C.P. Morgan, Indianapolis, IN

"We have been using Catanich for our clients' Paid Advertising campaigns for the past 3 years and the results speak for themselves... We'll be sending plenty more work to Catanich very soon, so we have no hesitation recommending them for your AdWords campaigns!" - Robert Johnson, Construction Compliance, St. Petersburg, FL

"Thanks to Jim, our CPA from AdWords PPC has improved by over 40% in less than 2 months. Catanich's AdWords campaign has also boosted our sales volume significantly. They were extremely responsive to our needs and their communication was top-notch. Great team." Carol Robertson, Kirk Corp. Streamwood, IL

"Jim is a PPC magician. You give him money to spend in AdWords, and he gives you back more in sales. It's as simple as that." - Bob Bolkers, MBD Inc, Chico, CA

"Catanich was able to come on-board and turn our website ranking around. Great Work Jim"- Gloria Nielly, Sullivan Homes, Spokane, WA

"Jim have been fantastic to deal with, there's no doubting his ability." - Pam Simson, Renaissance Homes, Lake Oswego, OR

"Our traffic has increased by 64% since Jim started working on our site. He's got multiple keywords we were ranking poorly for up to the first page. In fact, our keywords have improved by an average of 56 positions during our time with Catanich. I highly recommend their SEO service as they have made a great difference to our business." - Chad Bellington

I'm very pleased to write a few encouraging words about the SEO service offered by Catanich. When we came to Catanich a year ago, we were desperate. We'd paid for four useless AdWord campaigns, spending $2000 per month with very little conversion and no growth. Once we approached Catanich they took the time out to understand our business. They completely rewrote all the ads, landing pages and within a month you could see the results. I can confidently recommend his services to any small or big business. - Taylor Benning, Legend Homes, Portland, OR

"We now have 15 major keywords in top 3 positions in the Google SERPs. We've had a record start to the year due to a large boost in sales leads." - Nazier, Land Resource, Orlando, FL

"Hiring Catanich continues to be one of the best marketing-oriented decisions that I have made to date. Thank you Jim." - Jody Bannerson, Anderson Homes, Cary, NC

"My company has had a very positive growth in organic traffic and keyword rankings since Catanich was brought on board. The team that has been assigned my site continues to demonstrate great communication and knowledge regarding not only AdWords, but also on and off-page SEO practices as well." - Sing Balakham, C.V. Perry, Columbus, OH

"Overall I have had a great experience with Catanich, and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get good quality SEO work done." - Marsha Slocum, Matthews Brothers Builders, Cordova, TN

"This is our third season working with Catanich and I must say we are very satisfied with their team's goals and efforts. It's noticeable how much our traffic has increased since we started this project, as well as our page rankings. The team's very helpful and provides easy and fast communication for questions, suggestions and requests. Definitely recommend and look forward to keep working with Jim on our next projects." - Price Nuton, Oriole Homes, Boca Raton, FL

"I can't recommend these guys highly enough" - Bob Bosters, Wall Homes, Arlington, TX

"In the short time we have worked with Catanich SEO, the results that we have seen have been nothing short of outstanding. Extremely professional organization to deal with and we will certainly be using their services on an ongoing basis. CATANICH comes highly recommended by us." -Robert, Robert Harris Homes, Woodstock, GA

"Catanich has helped us increase rankings and traffic. Thanks" - Guy Harding, Pathway Developments, Tuscon, AZ

"We have worked with many so called 'industry experts' over the years, but never achieved the results we were after. We heard about Catanich from a competitor and after realizing they were located just down the road from our business, we decided to put our trust into them. Dan was very helpful in providing insightful advice and after working with the company for a short time we were already seeing the results we were looking for. Catanich has helped us increase rankings and traffic." - Bonny Bardis, Reynen & Bardis, Communities Sacramento, CA

"We have worked with just about all the SEO companies in the area that are on the front page of Google for the search word SEO. Catanich is not only the most professional and accountable SEO company we have dealt with but they delivers results. The other SEO companies promise you the world and deliver nothing. Jim sets the correct expectations for us and delivers. Thank you Jim." - Jim Walter, Jim Walter Homes, Tampa, FL

"I am very impressed with the results we have achieved. Prior to becoming a client of Catanich we were on page 17 of Google for our main search term. Now we rank on 2nd on page 1. This is a great effort, especially considering 1st in wikipedia! I have found Jim and the Catanich team to very helpful and thorough in all our dealings. Thanks again." - Robert Benders, Barratt American, Carlsbad, CA

"We've only been using Catanich for around 4 months now. We are already noticing great results. Since we are a small business, we rely on cost effective marketing/advertising. Catanich is definitely working out great for us. When we initially took up their services, we were worried that being a larger company, the communication wouldn't be good. Luckily we were wrong, because they are always prompt and punctual in all their communication, whether it was by email or phone. I would definitely recommend them" - Jan Olson, C.P. Morgan, Indianapolis, IA

"We cannot speak highly enough of Catanich. They do an exceptional job in working with our existing site. They brief us on the status of the site on a regular basis. I have been dealing personally with Jim who has been very supportive and helpful with any concerns I may have. - Christine Madison, Concordia Homes, Henderson, NV

"After some disappointing experiences with other SEO companies we were extremely lucky to find Catanich. They have transformed our online visibility quicker than we expected and at a very reasonable cost - a great return on investment." - Oden Jenners, Avenue Communities, Tempe, AZ

"Catanich Internet Marketing has catapulted our web presence from non-existence to the first page of Google and we continue to markedly increase our contacts from potential clients. I am especially impressed with Jim's customized digital strategy that fit within our budget." - Dennis Lamier, St. Lawrence Homes, Raleigh, NC

"I am writing this letter to endorse Catanich Web Marketing. Jim and his team have created, developed, and optimized 22 websites for me over the last four year. I have been very pleased with all aspects of their activity. They produce high quality work and always respond to all my needs in a timely fashion." -Dodo MacLarmar, The Macauley Cos., Atlanta , GA

"I would highly recommend Jim and his team to anyone that wants search engine optimization (SEO), custom web design and serious internet marketing. I would be happy to speak to anyone that is considering working with them." - Larry Becker, VPN Systems, Dallas, TX

"The team at Catanich Internet Marketing is nothing short of exceptional! We have been working with Jim and Catanich Internet Marketing for only the past 5 months and in that short period of time, we have seen first page results and traffic increasing daily." Paul Knutson, Panitz Signature Homes, Jacksonville, FL

"I have been working with Catanich Internet Marketing for over four years now and I have found that they put my company on the map, and in business we know that Google is the only place to be. We reached our SERP placement goals well ahead of schedule due largely to his expertise in knowing what content to put out there and when to adjust our tactics. We started with SEO, added AdWords and now my phones have been ringing off the hook." - Connie Billforth, Ennis Homes, Porterville, CA

"We've been worked with Catanich to improve our Google rankings. They were able to increase our web exposure and drive more traffic to our website within the first few months of the campaign. They tailored their SEO services to fit our needs, which was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Jim and his team for all of your digital marketing needs." - Pam Hall, Land Resource, Orlando, FL

"Jim has been a pleasure to work with. He is highly skilled, competent and knows how to help me get results. I highly suggest you leverage his experience!" - Carol Jenkins, Renaissance Homes, Lake Oswego, OR

"Working with Catanich Internet Marketing has been wonderful. They are very knowledgeable, creative, and know how to get results. They have been extremely helpful in educating our team about the power of the Internet Marketing." - Sammie Dinofrio, Wensmann Homes, Eagan, MN

"Catanich Internet Marketing has been tremendously easy to work with. Their expertise and personalized service have been invaluable to our business. We highly recommend you contact them today if you are looking for increased exposure on the internet!" - Christ McAllen, Townsend Construction, Prescott, AZ

"When choosing a digital consultant, we look for someone with a working knowledge on digital marketing optimization and someone we can easily reach with changes and questions. Jim and his team are accessible and easy to talk to. His plain English vocabulary make it quick and easy to get the information that we need." - Paul Eadion, Concordia Homes, Henderson, NV

"Catanich Internet Marketing brings a level of knowledge that small businesses like ours just don't have on our own. Their digital marketing experience and understanding of digital marketing optimization and how to use strategies like as Organic SEO, AdWords PPC and more to bring in more traffic makes them stand out from crowd. We hired Jim's team to help develop a new brand website and to help us refine our targeting for lead generation. Just a few months into the development and implementation cycle, we began to see results." - Sandy Summers, Empire Land, Ontario, CA

"ROI is a huge factor for small to medium size businesses who can't afford to spend a ton on their digital marketing initiatives without results. If you're considering going online for real, I highly recommend that you sit down with Jim and his team and ask for their feedback on digital marketing optimization. I'm confident that they'll share you some valuable information, optimize your spend, and help you to implement a better digital game plan." - Chad Dunkins, Avenue Communities, Tempe, AZ

"Catanich Internet Marketing was referred to me by a business friend to help increase my businesses web presence, and boy, have they delivered. All with great customer service, and exceptional knowledge. They have taken my website from not being ranked on Google to the top in just 6 months." - Charles Patch, C.V. Perry, Columbus, OH

"I have used other Dallas marketing agencies that claimed grand results, but none of them gave me the results I wanted. However, I am very happy I found Jim and his team. They produced exactly what they promised - a real digital marketing optimization plan that worked. I am satisfied with the Catanich team, knowing they do what they claim." -Phil McAllen, Lake Equity Partners LLC, Clermont, FL

"Catanich Internet Marketing is simply the best when it comes to getting results in Digital Marketing. I have seen them accomplish amazing feats, literally quadrupling our traffic to our website by restructuring our AdWords campaigns without increasing budgets. Plus, they're a heck of a lot of fun to work with - always positive, always professional, and check out their cooking!" - Paul, Goff Homes, Carrollton, TX