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At Catanich Internet Marketing, we're passionate about being first in class. We are a SEO Marketing Company located in east Dallas Texas, with a core competency in search engine marketing services.

Our clients are primarily medium-sized businesses spanning a variety of industries, located all across the United States. We are well known for our PR-style approach to Local SEO Marketing and commitment to long-term growth and success for each of our clients.

We can help your business grow its Digital Marketing by increasing your organic presence on the Googles search engine. The keywords used for ranking your business could always use improvement; and at Catanich, our experts know exactly what needs to be done to make that happen. We will develop an extensive digital strategy that's unique to your business and work with you to execute this strategy.

"We are proud to have an excellent track record of delivering fantastic results for clients and having high retention rates. Our personalized approach to each of our ranking strategies allows for ultimate growth opportunities for you and your business."
James Catanich - Owner, Catanich Internet Marketing

A Local SEO Marketing Agency That Meet Today's Digital Standards

Catanich SEO Services is a creative digital marketing team hell bent on discovering new ways to build brand and consumer connections for our clients.

Yes, we are a passionate group of digital marketing strategists, creative digital designers, and marketing technologists; all ready to design your future brand experiences.

Since 1998, Catanich Internet Marketing LLC has been one of the top search engine marketing companies and has helped hundreds of companies grow their businesses as a result of our website design and search engine optimization services. We have a track record of continuous innovation in search engine optimization strategies that result in top placements on search engines like Google and Bing.

Marketing Solutions for Tomorrow

The internet changes at a rapid pace and today's most effective strategies won't be enough to stay competitive tomorrow. Catanich has adapted our search engine optimization methodology to the changes in Google's search engine algorithms, and over the past two decade, we have added world class AdWords paid search, mobile-first web design & development, social media marketing, and digital brand management to create an integrated strategy that achieves results.

We Are Much More Than A Local SEO Marketing Firm

Today, we focus on integrated internet digital marketing solutions with SEO and Pay Per Click at the core and additional related services to expand our client's internet presence. We have a deep understanding of how organic search, paid search, and social media work together and how to integrate these strategies to achieve incredible return on investment. Our digital marketing strategies encompass all the necessary services for a website to be a well-formed brand.

Service Minded - Results Driven

Clients come first at Catanich and we understand that internet marketing is one of many components to most companies marketing initiatives. We work as an extension of your in-house team and gladly collaborate with any other vendors that you may be working with on other marketing initiatives. We feel search and social media marketing should always be a part of your digital marketing and PR efforts and, when integrated together, will produce proven results.

A Responsible, Green Company

At Catanich, we care for the earth through day-to-day initiatives, such as our recycling program, using environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies, almost 0% paper use, low energy LED lighting, and more. As a leading internet-based SEO company, we take pride in our reduced energy consumption. We are always looking for more ways to encourage and support the "green" movement amongst our team.

Our Talented & Experienced Marketing Agency

The driving force of Catanich is the company's CEO and founder, James Catanich - a highly regarded web developer with more than 20 years of experience in web development including 19+ years in systems programming. With decades of combined SEO and digital marketing experience, the Catanich team provides the very best services in the industry to our customers.

We are proud to be an honest and hardworking search engine optimization company

Our History

Catanich Internet Marketing Texas was founded in 1987 as JJ Catanich & Associates by senior executives from the Telecom and IT industries. In 1991, Catanich was asked to look into this thing called "world wide web" and built a website for NEC North America that was compatible with Lynx and in 1995 with Netscape and IE 1.0a.

Catanich Internet Marketing was founded in Dallas in early 1997 by Jim Catanich in response to the growing need for professional web design services in the North Texas area and in 2001 entered the search engine optimization and marketing guidance program. Working to establish legitimate online marketing programs for a global manufacturing company in Dallas, they were frustrated by the lack of expertise that their ad agency and web design firm had in this area. They considered utilizing an optimization company, but at the time the SEO community consisted primarily of technically oriented providers that used cloaked pages and other tricks to get sites to rank high.

Armed with a decent budget and a commitment to create a successful program, they dug in to learn everything that they could about search engine marketing and search engine optimization. They experimented with various PPC programs, advertising methods, online directories, and conducted extensive benchmark optimization techniques. Because conversion tracking software was not even available yet, they designed in-house programs to track leads, click streams paths and measure the ROI of their work. The result was a process based on the concepts of sound key word research, search engine optimization positioning, and old fashion ROI modeling.

Catanich Marketing now operates as a full service search engine campaign management firm. Our staff includes a group of multi-talented programmers, graphic designers, content editors and search engine optimization professionals, all skilled in the field of online marketing.

Catanich operates in several states in the United States and follows a strategy of continuous international expansion on the basis of a strong home market in Texas, California and New York.

Years of Experience

Good planning leads to great success

That's why everything Catanich does is based on thorough needs analysis, solid keyword research, enlightening competitive analysis - all focused in creating the best integrated search engine marketing strategy for your company's digital marketing objectives. Whatever your company goals are, we will help you create measurable objectives to achieve them. Our team doesn't rest until you receive a substantial and meaningful return on your investment.

At Catanich we will provide you with a series of digital marketing strategies that will help you and your company grow competitively against your competition. We think of ourselves as a small business development consulting firm that uses digital marketing as a tool to increase revenue and profits for our clients. Our team has over four decades of combined experience in search engine marketing and decades of real, hands-on experience in business and finance.

"Been there, done that" -- Yes, we've been there and that is why we focus on creating a solid Dallas internet marketing campaign designed specifically for our client to maximize their digital return on investment. As companies shift away from traditional mass media and place a greater focus on more targeted means for gaining new customers, companies must now redefine their business goals and adapt to new strategies designed to achieve their goals. That's where we come in!

As a leading data-driven, Digital Marketing Agency in Dallas TX, we are obsessed with creating opportunities for everyone we touch. That goes for our amazing team members, fantastic clients, and the community around us. Contact us today to learn more about our Digital Marketing Optimization Company and our approach to growing your business.

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Giving Back

We support the Wounded Warrior Project At Catanich Internet Marketing we support Veterans in any digital fashion we can. From web design, to SEO, to Google Ads or just basic digital training, we will support you. Call today. We will make it the best call you ever make. We really mean it when we say, "Thank you for your service".

LISMA - Five year member.

We support and implement "Google's Non-Profit Grants" for all of our Non-Profit / 501c3 clients. You'll receive upto $10,000 USD of in-kind advertising from Google each month to create text-based ads, and get access to tools to help you build effective campaigns that can display on Google Search when people look for information related to your nonprofit organization. Discover how Catanich Internet Marketing uses Google Ad Grants to help nonprofits reach more supporters and lower the barrier to donating.


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Our Recipes

Our team has been cooking Tex-Mex recipes since we formed Catanich back in the early 1990s and we found we couldn't remember what we did. So we started the section to keep track of what we were upto that week of "football or "what are we serving with the "BBQ". Now with Google insisting on Schema on all recipes, we complied, only to find we are getting traffic from it. Now, it's not what our business is but our new friend in Australia love our Tex-Mex recives. You can also check them out at TexMex Recipes.

Wylie Photos

Of the tens of thousands of photos I've taken over my life, I lucked out on snowey day on being one of the first people up on a cold Texas "snow day". Many of the photos turned out great and were published by various new sites and blogs. I've left them up for many SEO reasons including the linking and schema coding reasons. Checking them out at Wylie Photos.

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