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At Catanich, we believe that search engine marketing is more than generating traffic; it's about driving qualified visitors to your site and getting them to take action. Whether this comes in the form of a new client, a referral to a local sales office, or a completed sales order, it's this action that is the motivation for our work.

Our goal is to create a search engine marketing program that maximizes your return-on-investment. As such, we focus much more on click thru and conversion rates than on site ranking or traffic. Our Online Marketing Agency cover the entire field of search engine marketing and optimization, but it is our ability to prioritize these intelligently that sets us apart. So how do we do it? By using solid digital marketing.

It is well known that your Dallas SEO agency must yield results and Catanich Internet Marketing is a results-driven, digital marketing agency in Dallas TX. We deliver return on investment, and tell you exactly how we're doing it along the way. I know it may sounds simple, but it makes a world of difference to our clients and to the success of their on-line marketing campaigns.

Is your Digital Marketing riding high and on track?

Is your digital marketing riding high and on track?

Or is your digital marketing campaign under water, swimming at a slow pace?

Or is your Digital Marketing campaign under water, swimming at a slow pace?

We know from experience that digital marketing is a complex puzzle to our clients and that's what we bring to the table. After 20+ years being one of the leading Dallas SEO Companies and conducting digital services for over 1,000+ clients, we have detailed knowledge of the SEO components and how they should be put together to create a successful, cost effective SEO campaign.

For over the past 20 years, Catanich Internet Marketing agency can put our clients in the spotlight, regardless of their size or budget. From SEO strategies and custom website design to video production and more, we work with our clients to determine the best plan of action for their digital campaign.

Give one of the top SEO marketing agency a call today to learn more about the SEO Playbook we use to customize a digital marketing campaign just for you.

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Why Do You Need A Dallas SEO Company?

We can boost your SEO rankings, drive organic Traffic to your site, and increase your Conversion Rate

It's not a matter of predicting where search marketing is heading. We're living in it right now. Off-line marketing, like Newspapers and magazines, are all but obsolete. TV and radio are declining rapidly as we speak. Bluntly put, traditional off-line marketing is failing to reach audiences like it used to.

In its place rises Online Marketing, or as we like to call it, "Internet Marketing". Simply put, it's the most effective way to market your business today, and for the foreseeable future. Need some reasons...

  • Focus On Running Your Business
  • Cut Down The Overall Marketing Costs
  • Work With Knowledgeable SEO Experts
  • Minimizes Office Space Requirement
  • Always On Top Of The Latest Trends
  • Your Marketing Team Is Extended
  • Offer Measurable Results
  • Get Reliability & Accountability
  • Pull From Past Experience
  • You Can Get New SEO Ideas
  • Produce High Quality Content
  • Have Access To The SEO Right Tools

For these and other reasons, hiring a top SEO marketing company is often the best course of action for companies who are seeking to establish their company online and in this new Digital world.

Check out our current blog post that describes the Top 5 Reasons Why SEO Is Not Working For You

We provide affordable Digital Marketing & SEO services to small businesses

Why Choose Catanich Internet Marketing?

We Achieve Awesome Results

Most SEO companies talk about improving your site's rankings or increasing your traffic, we work to achieve those same metrics as well. However, we also focus on your ultimate goal... more conversions!

We are a team of on-line digital experts that help businesses of all sizes implement creative digital strategies to accelerate growth and increase ROI.

20+ Years Experience

We only hire the best of the best. We have an accumulated 20+ years experience in the local SEO industry, including content, search optimization, social media, Google Ad management, and more. Let our dedicated SEO team make a difference in your site's traffic, reputation, and digital campaign management.

Proven Results

Catanich brings an unbeaten track record to the table. We also have many great reviews and countless SEO project success stories on our website. That's because we've built high converting campaigns for over 20 years. Our clients choose us because we're an agency you can depend on to deliver real results.

Transparent Communication

Sometimes our SEO marketing services are complicated. We believe that you should always understand the basics: what we're proposing, what we're doing, why we're doing it, and the results we expect. You'll receive a clear plain-English breakdown of these things we're doing.

Great Value Services

You will always be in direct communication with your own SEO and PPC expert. Got a question? No problem. Just give us a call any time and speak to your own personal digtial consultant and we will adjust our strategy according to your specifications.

No Long Term Contracts

We don't need contracts because we're so good at what we do. Our clients stay with us for our work product, not the contract.

Focus on ROI

Ultimately, we know what matters to your bottom line. We work with you to develop your strategy, set up the campaigns and KPIs to ensure that we meet your goals. Our clients have come to expect exceptional results and that's what they get - sales.

We focus on increasing your leads and sales, not selling you a particular marketing solutions

Get the knowledge and inspiration you need to build your business

We believes that incorporating professional digital marketing services / local SEO strategies into your marketing plan is the best way to increase your company's visibility and attract more customers.

When it comes to SEO Marketing Services, Catanich has you covered.

Let's Talk About Your Needs.

What Do We Do Really Well?

We Provide Top-Shelf, SEO Marketing Services

Catanich Internet Marketing is a full-service online marketing agency that specializes in small business success. We provide everything you will need to build a solid digital foundation, get noticed, and capture more prospective customers.

We take the pressure off of you by building your online presence so you can focus on what you do best — running your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Helping you drive qualified traffic to your website from major search engines through high-impact research and forward thinking strategy.

Website Development

Helping you build a custom-designed website that both engages you audience and incites action.

Paid Media Marketing

Helping you target qualified users through SEM and other marketing channels to continuously grow your site's traffic and overall business.

Targeting the right people at the right time on every device

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"Overall, the whole process was smooth. However, there were a few hiccups along the way. These were solved by a joint effort between us and the Catanich team. Making this dynamic ecommerce website was a complicated project which involved many hours of har"
K. Kanzaria

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Questions & Answers

We're a small company. I can't afford these expensive SEO campaigns. Can you help? We agree. It's ridiculous what some of the Internet Marketing Agencies charge for their limited SEO services. At Catanich, we have three basic SEO plans, Local, National and Enterprise. Each has been configured to meet a specific company size and services requirements. From that, we will grow our services as your needs increase.
However and most important, we show you the way forward by creating a three year digital road map, and we working with you to grow your digital marketing as your company grows.
What will affects my SEO ranking the most? This is one of the most asked questions we get. After all, if you're going to do SEO right, you must know factors that can impact where your business appears in the search results. Factors include high quality content, keyword selection and keyword assignment, technical UX and page load time, and the never ending link building requirement. What is Content Creation? When your business creates content for your web site audience, you share your knowledge and expertise with them. Content Marketing influences SEO because it helps drive traffic to your site and keep traffic on your site longer. The increase in dwell time, or time spent on your website, helps boost your ranking in the search results. Our Search Marketing Agency can review your content and answer your questions about your content and overall site design. What is Keyword Selection? Part of our Internet Marketing Services is helping our clients identify and implement keywords that help their local SEO listings appear in the right search results. We choose relevant keywords to ensure you appear in the right results. Having the right keywords will help you drive more interested traffic to your page, which will increase the time spent on your page and improve your site's ranking What does Keyword Assignment mean? Keyword selection is crucial to SEO. They are part of a indexing system used by Google and others, that influences how they will index and rank your pages. A search engine's entire existence is based on the principle of trust, so it needs keywords to create a properly formated search engine results page. What is Technical UX & Page Load time? If your site loads too slowly, you risk losing leads to the competition. Your audience doesn't want to wait for pages to load, and if your site takes too long, they will leave. This behavior increases your bounce rate, which negatively impacts your site's ranking in the search results. What is Link Building? Link building, simply put, is the process of getting other websites to link to your website. This is one of the many tactics used by search engine optimization (SEO) because links are used by Google to signal them that your site is a quality resource worthy of citation.

We Grow Businesses Online

Get a strategy, timeline and forecast that is specific to your online marketing goals. We can project the traffic gains for each channel and deliver the results you're looking for.

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