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Catanich is a full service, web design and digital marketing agency serving Dallas and surrounding areas. Our web design services generate leads for businesses looking to grow. Our strategies are adaptive. Our people are smart and local. You're come to the right place if you are looking for Dallas web design help.

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Our Web Design Services are amplifying websites for better performance.

We offer complete solutions for website design or web development and have been ranked one of the best website design company in Dallas, TX. If you are a Dallas area business looking for a high performance, local web design company here in the Dallas area, then look no more. We employee some of the top website designers and web page developers in the industry that will provide you with the professional results you are looking for.

Our website designers have developed websites from simple 5 page websites; to massive, complex 10,000 page web portals; and to current Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) standards. We will provide you with a web designer/ project manager that will be attentive to your web design needs and handle your web project in a timely manner giving you results that will blow your competitors away. Each client is assigned a senior web designer that will produce a website design that is unique to your business and once you have approved the prototype web design, it gets passed off to our all USA based website design team for rapid implementation.

From the very start of your project you will have total control over every aspect or your website's design. We offer advice and guidance when necessary, but unless requested otherwise, you'll work hand in hand with your project manager/website designer to produce your new website.

Our Web Design Services

Catanich Web Services is a Dallas based, custom web design and local website development company operating out of sunny North Dallas, Texas. Each one of our website designs is 100% custom made. Our creative team will put together a high quality, custom website of your dreams, ensuring that you're happy and content with the quality of work we have performed. We'll give you:.

Beautiful Website Design

100% made in Dallas, your customers will love how your new website looks and you will love the customer's response.


Add or edit your website with ease. Add new web pages, posts, images, videos and web content quickly.


We put your business at the forefront of search engines with current on-page search engine optimization techniques.

Mobile Ready

Your website is designed for optimal viewing experience on desk top, tablets, and mobile devices.

Real-time Traffic Stats

Make informed decisions with the optional web analytics & insights features by Google's Search Console and Analytics. Know what's going on with your website..

Social Media Integration

Connect with your audience on all social platforms of their choice.

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Web Design As An Internet Marketing Strategy

Web Design has become one of the most powerful strategies for increasing free traffic, generating leads and building your online business in Garland, Texas. This article will cover the main features and options that are open to any business looking to implement a solid SEO strategy.

Web Design

At its core, Web Design Dallas tXis simply the process of optimizing your website so that it performs better in the search engines. Search Engines like Google use specialized algorithms when deciding how relevant a particular webpage is to a user's search. By making sure that your website is optimized to cater to these algorithms, you can achieve a higher listing in the search results when people search for the types of products and services that you offer.

Web Design Company In

If you are really serious about getting listed higher in the search results, you should consider hiring a reputable search engine optimization agency to optimize your website. These companies focus solely on website optimization; they know the ins and outs of what's working right now. Using one of these companies give you far better results.

Responsive Design

If you own a business in and are looking for a way to increase the amount of free traffic to your site, Responsive Web Design (RWD) is your answer. Read on if you are interested in learning more about how this powerful marketing technique can help you generate more leads.

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Responsive Web Design Services

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