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Mold Making & Casting Materials And Supplies

We have joined marketing efforts with BITY Mold Supply, Dallas Texas to offer the most complete line of Mold Making Supplies including liquid mold rubber, casting resin and other specialty casting & molding compounds. Our product lines of urethane foam, urethane resin, epoxy plastic, alginate, wax and all necessary accessories and mold release agents are pourable, brushable and sprayable. These urethane rubber, RTV silicone rubber and latex systems range in hardness and flexibility from extremely firm to very soft.

"BRICK IN THE YARD" Materials And Supplies
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Or check out the new website for Mold Making Supplies.

We specialize in helping people convert concepts and project design ideas into finished products. Our expertise will guide you to the correct material, right equipment and expert mold making techniques for just your project. Check out the new Special Effects Videos here.

Need ideas for Halloween? Check out their new YouTube SPFX page at Special Effects Videos, products and training.

Special Effects Videos

BITY Mold Supply caters to mold makers, FX community, and other short run production folk. Check out our YouTube Marketing page at Special Effects Videos.

What can you do with mold making materials and supplies?

  • Architectural Restoration
  • Candle Making
  • Concrete Casting
  • Lifecasting
  • Prototyping
  • Sculpture
  • Sprayable Rubber And Plastic
  • Special Effects
  • Taxidermy

We also supply training videos and classroom seminars for those that are new to mold making. Learn Mold Making from the pros: Just email us today for more information on our full line of Mold Making & Casting Supplies.

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