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Historical Fiction

ISBN-13: 9781505395570
ISBN-10: 1505395577
498 pages
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Trial By Fire

By James Catanich
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"You only have power over someone as long as you don't take everything away from him. However, when you robbed him of everything, he's no longer under your power -- he is free with nothing to lose."

What started out as a favor has now turned into a nightmare of lies, slander, and yellow journalism. Watch as this David and Goliath battle unfolds as the result of The Silicon War between Intel and National where industrial espionage blurs the line with military espionage.

When Semiconductor engineer Robert Contie speaks out to help a friend accused of Industrial espionage, he is then charged with Theft of Trade Secrets as an attempt to stop him from speaking out. Watch as Contie walks threw the land mines set out for him by the President of a major Silicon Valley Corporation and navigates the Silicon Valley's outdated legal system.

Being blacklisted and divorced, he moves away to get out of the line of fire. However, as the personnel vendetta between him and his ex-president heats up, this living hell follows him back to Southern California. As the long arm of Corporate America reaches into the legal system, Contie is forced to become his own attorney and go head to head with Silicon Valley's top Intellectual Property Distric Attorney.

However behind the scenes, the KGB is also watching and becomes aware of Contie's true potential. Slowly they begin the long recruitment process. There is only one question still unanswered, will someone come and save Contie first.

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"An action packed real life drama that unfolds the events of the Silicon War between Intel and National and how the KGB took advantage of it. Excellent background information used to setup the time frame of 1978 and what started the war. It's right out of the headlines, courtroom, and a spy novel."
-- Gray Bar Books

"A non-stop, Techno-action drama! Right out of the Silicon Valley headlines! Catanich manages to ratchet up the suspense on this never see it coming ending."

"If you think your ideas are yours? Think again. This true story was the beginning of taking your ideas away from you."
-- John Gray, Intellectual Property attorney

"In the world of 15 second sound bites and tweets, this novel shows the real world of 'operational fog' and why that 15 second first impression is always wrong. It will repeatedly lead you to a wrong assumption. During WWW2, they called this 'propaganda', today we call it 'spin'".
-- Jody Blair

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