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One of the major objectives of is to be a development "what if scenario" site. We use it to test out concepts before we implement it on your site. Therefore, we can show you what we are talking about, instead of the other guy's "tech words".

So I must ask you, does you web site have a "error page"? To most people, it's just an error page. To Catanich, it is a "landing page" that you can use to direct the user to a new product, or how about an "on-line coupon" or... how about adding a "site search bar" to it so the user can search for what he was looking for when he came to the site -- It's call "Google Custom Search Engine" you have a Google search engine for only your web site.

It's a must have for any shopping cart.

Give us a call and we can implement one for you in no time.

Thank you for your time, Now back to what you were looking for.