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For many of us, viewing web pages on the mobile web is clunky, frustrating, and a very slow experience - but it doesn't have to be. Think what a customer would think of your company if it took 15 seconds to load your home page. They would leave! At Catanich, we optimize your web site design once and it will then load instantly everywhere and on anything.

At Catanich, we'll optimize your web design once so that it will load instantly on all devices.

We then search engine optimize all the pages so that they are found on the Search Engines.

And if you still need more customers, we implement a frugal but successful AdWords pay-per-click campaign that only targets customers in your area.

The future of online marketing

Smart phone-based customer interaction

Today, the world of digital marketing is a jig-saw puzzle of ideas, claims, products, and acronyms. Buzz words abound. Our cutting edge creative web designs cleanly interface with tablet, state-of-the art mobile phones, and most of the existing desk top computer technologies to make your customer feel like a VIP every time. Quality content is presented in a beautiful format that builds interest and trust.

At Catanich Internet Marketing, we are your link between the past and the future in the world of digital marketing. We translate digital advertising & marketing strategies into real results that generate attention, interest and action from your internet user. We integrate your message between your digital shop with your bricks and mortar stores. And most important, we get people to walk into your store. Oh, concider getting two phone lines.

Our digital marketing solutions are customer focused and allow you to build a unique service experience around your online marketing needs. Since 2000, Catanich has been putting the puzzle pieces together for our clients. So if you are tired of the jig saw puzzle runaround, give us a call.


Since 2000, hundreds of businesses and organizations have turned to Catanich for help with their legacy web site design. Our commitment to quality and high standards keeps our clients happy and more importantly - coming back again and again.


Digital advertising allows you to promote your products and services online at a reduced cost than traditional advertising. It provides qualified leads from potential customers who are looking for your products or...


Search optimization helps a small business that depends on local customers, such as a dress shop, an auto repair shop or a restaurant. What could be better advertising than coming up right at the top of the Google search engine results page?

Just a quick thought...

The Mobile Client

Starting in 2015, Mobile phone searchs exceeded desk top searches!

87% of of Californians own a smart phone. 93% of New Yorkers own a smart phone.

Today, 90% of smart-phone owning Americans use their phones to surf the Web...

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Speed Matters!

Google has stated that the mobile web page load time matters in how your web site will rank in their search engine results page [SERP]. In fact Google has stated that fast loading web site design pages will rank higher...

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The luxury of Mobility Marketing

Effective advertising still remains deeply rooted in the idea of differentiating your brand.

To address this marketing goal, successful mobile internet marketing embraces a structured...

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Mobile Point of Sale


It's here! Think how 'Location Tagging', 'Mobile Coupons', 'Short Message Service (SMS)' campaigns and surveys could tap into the large, more passionate, pre-existing communities of interested users. Mobile advertising is also indexed for...

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Geo-Targeted Advertising

Unless you have plans and budget for world domination, your AdWords pay-per-click advertising shouldn't be seen by everyone on the planet. It's much more strategic to focus you're advertising on counties, cities, or even city blocks that...

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Resonsive Web Design

The responsive web design term is related to the concept of developing a website design in a manner that changes the lay out according to the user's computer screen resolution. More precisely, a design can allows for an advanced four column....

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Local Search Optimization

Today, many local businesses are overwhelmed by the variety of marketing choices available. Unlike the old days when a small handful of print advertising outlets would cover the majority of your audience, the sheer volume...

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